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  1. I think I have a good solution, there's a great metal shop I get them to rebuild up the picky rest and the upper web and make it into a thunderer/lighting grip, there's a shooter at my club that had some built for his vaquero's and I love them. Won't be hard and shouldn't cost me more than a 100 buckaroo's or so. Also to the ones who said why I wanted to do the spurs, I was just wanting to try something interesting and was going to make it where I can changer them back and forth between the spurred guard and round guard of a lemat. I'm going to ask with the rules people before hand now, learned my lesson (hopefully). Thanks to all the ones helping with the ideas, ya guys are bosses. After I get it fixed I'll post new pics. Thanks Palewolf for the form, didn't know that existed, helps a bunch.
  2. Well, unfortunately looks like I'll be hang up my guns till I can get new one, was fun while it lasted...
  3. Well hope they are okay with it as I won't be able to shoot for a very good bit if I have to get all new guns... but hey everyone can shoot mouse poots 38's, may have to switch to those if I can't use mine... I have to start saving, should only take me a year or so, won't be able to shoot during that time if my club won't let me shoot. I'll have to be up front with them.
  4. Thanks pale, I'll shoot them the idea and see what they say.
  5. Well, guess I'm glad I asked about this as I'm going to have to fix my revolvers birdshead I made as now I'm sure I'll run into "that guy" and I guess no more trying to have fun with my revolvers or any thing else... sucks a ton of fun out of it for me... starting to seem like real steel now. Definitely a black market on a hobby I've come to love.
  6. Sorry, didn't mean to up set you as I didn't know it was your pic as I found it on a search engine, I'll delete it.
  7. I've used it at 2 different locations and no one has said anything other than how good they look, I'm sure at some point in time I'll run in to that "one guy" who will make a big deal about it but all in all it doesn't give me any real advantage other than comfort. I'm working on a bulldog blackhawk right now, have to get the barrel bobbed as I don't trust myself with something like that, also I'm almost done with an ak with a special stock made to be more lever action like, just got to get the barrel retreaded, again don't trust myself on that. Thank for the kind words, I may open a custom form and we can see what all the "can't leave it alone" nuts got, made start something...
  8. Thanks for the replies and clearing that up, still wish they would allow some more customization if it's not to extreme and would still be period correct, ie using civil war parts on other guns. I was wanting to put a lemat trigger guard with spur, no reason just thought it would be interesting, may still do it but just switch it out with a none spur one. I made some "birds head" grips for my vaquero's. I like to tinker.
  9. Still curious as to why they couldn't be added to a open competition gun being as those can have blackhawk hammers and adjustable sights plus brass insert front sights, etc?
  10. Was wanting to know if trigger guard spurs or legal on revolvers, such as the ones on Schofields #2 and lemats. Are theses allowed on all revolvers if not, why (low blackhawk hammers where not originals parts, just say'en) Thanks for any help.
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