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  1. I'll take the belt and holsters! Email is jarnasty32@gmail.com
  2. Are you back yet? My email is jarnasty32@gmail.com
  3. that should be fine and yes that's the one I'm interested in
  4. Do you have the original boxes for the acogs?
  5. have a bump, even though this is way too small for my big head
  6. this seems like a good deal and I need leather but I can't find a matching holster for this rig on the kirkpatrick website.
  7. What length is the belt? If I bought another holster would this work as a double rig? I feel like that's a stupid question but hey I don't have a lot of leather experience lol
  8. Have you had a chance to try it out yet? Just saw a bunch of these Yugo shotguns at Cabela's up here in Alaska and some of em looked and felt pretty solid. Been looking for a double barrel.
  9. That's really neat. Seems a lot more secure than leather.
  10. I always liked the look of 5.5 best, has that workhorse look to it. 7.5 looks nice and sleek and points so naturally.
  11. Haha that sounds alright to me
  12. Wife got me my first cap and ball! I think I'll keep her. Can't wait to shoot it.
  13. Thanks Dirty, I should've mentioned I've got a .45
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