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  1. Ok, Capt'n, I can't resist this for multiple reasons. First, I love the sculpture; second you are a fellow Floridian; and third a fellow Episcopalian! I am the Deacon at St. Michael's, Orlando! So, your price is fair, just tell me where to send the gold.
  2. Hey Dead R., The rig arrived today and it looks great and fits perfect. Thank you very much. Happy New Year, Preacher
  3. Ok, you've got a deal. I'll take it all for $475. Let me know where to send the gold.
  4. Weill you include shipping for that price?
  5. How much use have they had? Looks like some of the blueing in wearing off the barrels?
  6. I too, think I could use one of your carts. Any idea of the shipping to Orlando, Florida?
  7. Would you consider selling the shotgun shell belt separately? Is it for 12 Ga?
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