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  1. Thanks Dirt snd Dusty. Another great day of shootin’ fun.
  2. I have an issue with primer drops also. I have to give the slide a little pull back to get aligned with the primer tube. Frustrating that I can’t figure that one out.
  3. At Logans Ferry we shoot 6 stages. Most times 2 stages in a bay. The targets stay the same but the scenario changes. One bay is large enough to set 2 stages side by side. We generally have 2 posse’ and the bay rotation works smoothly.
  4. Still new to the black powder but when I decided I went all in. I shoot Swiss and Goex in my guns. I started with a handful of .38s and .45s but have spent this season shooting all cap guns Josey Wales style. I also started loading brass shot shells. I measure by hand because I’m in no rush. I used the Dillon only to seat and crimp the bullets. I’ve been figuring out what cleaning routine works best for me and I can say, for me, shooting Saturday and cleaning the following Friday was not an issue. Not the way I planned it but it happens. 40 grains in a Walker gives a nice thump and some.
  5. What kind of shot gun make up do you mean? we typically can make up a missed pistol/rifle with the shot gun if it is written in the stage. For example on a Texas Star or knock down. Shot gun knockdowns, shoot til down. I never payed much attention to missing a hanging shot gun target.
  6. http://www.blackriverregulators.com/pdf_files/A Glossary of Sweeps.pdf try this link
  7. My open tops were the ‘47, ‘51 and ‘60 in .45 and .38 conversions. I had my leather designed around those guns in multiple configurations. After shooting bp cartridge once or twice I converted the Walkers back to c&b and bought the ‘51 and ‘60 in c&b. All tolled that’s 2 Walkers 2 ‘51s 2 ‘60s Not a bad start. I have some 2nd and 3rd model dragoons in my wish list.
  8. She may give it a try but she has her own pair of .38 stallions she prefers. I’ve convinced her that she needs to shoot bp to keep the confusion to a minimum.
  9. Actually that makes 6. 6 more and I can just leave a set on every stage.
  10. Seriously, she made me do it. Of course all I was doing was talking about the darn things and my desires when she “made” me go and buy another cap gun. Gotta love her.
  11. It was a great shoot from the stages to the posse’ and the weather. It was also a good learning day.
  12. I made up paper cartridges for 2 Walkers, an 1860 and an 1851 using the Cliff Manley formers. (120 in all) I made only black powder charges using un nitrated curling paper and rammed the ball on top of the charge. I think in the end it did not save any time vs loading the charges with a flask. It took a long time to make up the cartridges at home. My take, if you have the time and like the process, go for it. I have enough to load my ‘51 for this Saturday and I’ll use a flask for the 40 gr Walker charges.
  13. Once again, looking forward to the shoot. Got a new press yesterday to prime the shot shells and situating a new cart that will fit in my car. Here’s to hoping I get it all together.
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