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  1. I try to shoot Josey Wales at every opportunity. I wear the Walkers on my belt and have a ‘51 and a ’60 in the double shoulder holster. It gives me many options in choosing which pistols I use for rifle targets and pistol targets. not sure why the video did not play.
  2. I started with a pair using Kirst converters. This season I went all cal n ball. IMG_3633.mov
  3. Thanks Dirt snd Dusty. Another great day of shootin’ fun.
  4. I have an issue with primer drops also. I have to give the slide a little pull back to get aligned with the primer tube. Frustrating that I can’t figure that one out.
  5. At Logans Ferry we shoot 6 stages. Most times 2 stages in a bay. The targets stay the same but the scenario changes. One bay is large enough to set 2 stages side by side. We generally have 2 posse’ and the bay rotation works smoothly.
  6. John E.B. Rawton #107857 Pittsburgh, Pa Shooting cowboy since 2009 SASS member since 10/23/2018
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