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  1. Thanks for chiming in Coyote Cap. I am never bored learning some more about the history of one of my firearms. I am glad you have the time to peruse the forums and are willing to share your knowledge and experience with us folk.
  2. Ok, so I have kept digging and came across a reference to Norinco model YL 1887L. A clone of the Winchester 1887 that I think started to be made in the early 2000. From the bit of information I found and some of the pictures I believe my shot gun is of them.
  3. OLG I could not find any reference on the web to a Chinese made 1887 with the markings like mine. My first thought was the N5 00110 is the serial number and I guessed the N means Norinco andthe 5 means year with the 00110 been the one hundred and tenth gun made that year. If I am right and the 5 is the year of manufacture then I would guess it is either 2005 or 2015. I could not find anything that said the serial numbers ever started with a letter other than CC for Coyote Cap guns. I guess I will never know when it was made or who imported it. I do know that it is a blast to shoot and it is now my go to shotgun for CAS. I can always work it into Cyphi's back story as something he found along the way and kept as payment for attending to the burial of some poor soul who lost his life on the trial. Cyphi would appreciate the same if he come to an untimely end while out observing and recording nature in the new land.
  4. All my looking around never found a 22” barrel on any of the ones made in China. Just another piece of information that I couldn’t fit into what I found on the web. I am still hopeful that there is an old timer on the Wire that can fill me me in on some of the history of this firearm.
  5. Thanks for those observations Tyrel Cody. It has run fine at the last two shoots with no issues ejecting hulls so hopefully it is second generation. It doesn’t have a load two mod but if I’m not to ham fisted I can get one on the carrier without it dropping all the way down.
  6. Here are some more pictures to help with the identification. It did notcome with the original box.
  7. Howdy all I have recently purchased my first 1887 lever action shoot gun. The gentlemen I purchased it from didn’t have a lot to tell me about its history. I have taken pictures if all the visible engraving on it. In the barrel is 12GS 22” 2 3/4. On the top tang is Cowboy 1887 and on the bottom tang is N5 00110 Made in China. Can anyone tell me anything about this shoot gun? Who imported it? Year of manufacture?
  8. I don’t see any major disadvantage. With practise you will adjust to the feel of each hand gun. I shot my wife's 1873 SAA with bird head grips for 2 matches until my own 1875 Outlaws arrived. The first couple of stages they felt small in my large hands. By the end of the first match and all through the next match I had no problems. The fun part is always hearing the “ting” as you hit steel. For me the game is about the “bang” the “ting” and having fun doing it. I’m now thinking at the next fun shoot I might try a stage with one of hers and one if mine.
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