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  1. Can a 32 inch double barrel be machined into a 20 inch barrel and still look and shoot correct? Thanks for the info
  2. They are Pietta's imported for EMF (Early Modern Firearms). These are the Great Western 2 Californian.
  3. Does the ejector have to be disabled on the Stoeger Coach Gun for SASS??
  4. Fat Tuesday


    The internet has mixed reviews on annealing pistol brass. So, to anneal or not to anneal??
  5. Reloaded in the past, lost my equipment in a divorce. Starting over again in reloading and everything else.
  6. What 45LC reloading bullets are recommended for CAS? Who has the best price on 45LC reloading bullets including shipping? What powder you all using for CAS? Thanks in advance
  7. Thanks folks for the input.. I have attended a match now and going back soon, I've asked questions and looked at guns. The only problem is nearly every one shot something different.
  8. 1st gun purchase for SASS. Used Stoeger Coach Gun. Won it on GunBroker auction for $275.00.. How bad did I do??
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