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  1. Been using for two years, only downside is new batteries each match. Shoot heavy Black only.
  2. Picked up 2000 Federal Match small pistol for $25.00 per 1000 today. BPS was having a special if you signed up for their credit card. Last month I traded 2000 Small Rifle primers for 2000 Sp. These are for my wife. I shoot large pistol and have a good supply. keep your eyes open as they are starting to trickle in.
  3. Was at Dixie Gun Works and they have Pedersoli Lightnings.
  4. We now allow rimfire 22s, single action pistols, lever or pump rifles. This is a Rimfire 22 category. Their scores are not included in the overall match. We feel it is more important to keep our members involved in the sport than losing them. In these trying times we all have to make adjustments. Memphis Gunslingers Bitterroot Jak
  5. I use Winchester AA hulls one time and throw them away. I mark them so nobody else uses them. I have about six thousand hulls. My recipe is 209 primer, 4.2cc BP, newspaper for wad and 1oz shot all handloaded. Bitterroot Jak
  6. We have 13 stages, one setup with tombstone (5) and one parallel 10 plate. 20 rounds for 15 targets then 4 shotgun. Another stage a parallel 10 plate rifle and pistol cowboys. We also have a swinging target and a sliding snake on other stages plus cowboys and Indians, large and small. Regular targets large and small so we have plenty of variety. We move all targets monthly except Plate racks, snake and swinger. The snake and swinger are at the side of stages and we have the option of using them. Trying to keep everybody happy. Memphis Gunslingers
  7. I shoot a 66 Silverboy in 44-40, Goex 2f full case and 180 grain coated bullets. I run a snake through it after each match. The action stays clean and I apply bore butter after each match. The gun just keep shooting and I clean the brass after shooting it about 3 to 5 times. Most of my cleaning time is spent on my Cap and Ball. I shot 45 colt for years and spent too much time cleaning. When I changed to 44-40 it was night and day. Smoke em Out. Luck
  8. Truly a great loss, Condolences to the family and Outlaw Camp. Memphis Gunslingers
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