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  1. You are always welcome, we have our monthly matches on the first Sunday and Second Saturday. After these matches we always invite guest and spectators to safety shoot our guns and ask questions then join in for socializing. You are also welcome to attend our Gunfight in Dixie as either a observer or participant. Hope to see you on the trail, Bitterroot Jak
  2. Gunfight in Dixie Schedule GID Schedue 2020.pdf
  3. Gunfight in Dixie Sept 17,18,19. Shoot a great match in Memphis then on Sunday head to T-Bones Comin at Cha. Something for everybody, By special request we have added a Blackpowder Cap N Ball Gunfighter category. Fire and Fallback will take on all takers. So if you shoot smoke then bring it on! We have 13 stages, 12 indoors and one in the open. We are shooting 10 stages indoors. Bitterroot Jak GunFightDixieApp 2020Fillable.pdf
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