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  1. Thanks to everyone who has made the dream of CBAC 2017 become reality. Things at the range is looking great thanks to Marshal and Free at Last. They spend endless hours working on the next project. Looks like our numbers are up a bit from last year and we are ready for the party. Bring lots of ammo, fishing pole and your lawn chair. Your gonna need to rest up. See ya soon T - Bone

  2. Comin Back At Cha 2017 is a Total Time match. We have run matchs with TT, Rank and even taking the TT with worst stage taken out of the match. Most of the time You'll have mirror results. The person who puts the most practice time into CAS will take the most Home at the end of the match. Most of the time !!!!

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  3. I just put a pic on Facebook of the guns we are giving away at CBAC 2017. we are very lucky to have Cowboy Guns of New Boston Tx to help out. As of today we have 325 shooters signed up and receiving email blast ,, if you are not receiving them please contact EllieGant@yahoo.com. countdown is starting for the Bar3 and CBAC 2017, we want everyone to be informed on the goins on.. Remember we are giving away one gun per hour of shooting,, Thanks so much T-Bone

  4. I once wrestled an alligator in the everglades near Yaottaseemee, Fl.  That's when I gave up swimming and became a land lover .I know what your thinking ????  BUT I don't talk about my swimming abilities very much anymore now that my cousin has past.

  5. Rudy ????? Do you really have an alligator ?????  I'm gonna cook an otter pie for desert...  I can't wait till the big one gets here CBAC 2017 parking lot wars... Who will win the grand prize??????

  6. Captain Bill Burt,,,,,rumors are true that the match is full with 320 shooters for 2017. Everyone is now signed up from the waiting list and has a shooting/ posse assignment. I would like to personally invite you to CBAC 2017. Send in your app to the Bar 3 and the next spot is yours.  I promise you will have a great time. Welcome to Texas... T-Bone Dooley

  7. FREE Motel room for CBAC 2017 from Americas Best Value Inn. Its easy to enter??? send a dollar bill with your name on it to the Bar 3 Ranch. Winner will get a FREE room for the match and all the money is yours to use for anything you want. Just our way to say THANK YOU for helping fill up Comin Back at Cha 2017 registration 9 months early. We are gonna have a Large Texas Time. Last year Big Iron Buster and Doc Roy L Pain won the Great American Best Value Inn Vacation Getaway 2016. "it's the little raffle with a big name" GOOD LUCK





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  8. a couple year ago we had two shooters step up and donate everything a shooter would need. Guns and ammo. we had 23 shooters that year to include myself. It was a blast using OP equipment. This year if Griff takes the job it will be ran by the strong arm of Griff. We want everyone to have a large time at CBAC 2017 and shoot as much as possible. We are giving away one firearm per hour that we are shooting. Y'all stand by for more news.

  9. Griff, yes we got your entry and yes if we can get enough interest in the plainsman event we would love to have it. The Plainsman event would be on side match day early morning only if we have enough interest. Thanks for volunteering to run the match

  10. Goody,

    1. five years ago

    2.Next to the tractor supply

    3.still open


    The Bar 3 will give away 2 FREE [5 night] motel stays in New Boston or Paris Texas. The drawing will be early next year, all you have to do to enter is send in a signed one dollar bill as your entry ticket. The drawing will be held and a couple luck cowboys/girls will win the entry money and a free motel room for the week. Just another way of saying Thank You from the good folks of Americas Best Value Inn of Paris and Holiday Inn of New Boston, Texas.

  11. another 12 apps. came in the mail today. Plenty of dry rv camping. Thanks so much to everyone for getting those apps in early. The Bar 3 Development Superintendent and the Construction Manager met this morning and are taking bids on the construction of the West Range pavilion. We hope to have this project complete by Fall 2017.

  12. During the earthquake of New Zealand the Alamo suffered a small set back and some structural damage. The Bar 3 crew went to work. Five whitebacks dug in and under the West walls and waited for reinforcements,after two days of bombardment of black land mud upon the faces of those who served. Thank you Texas. This story should live on in infamy among Red River County and cowboys around the World.

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