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  1. I've gotten the little Rossi pretty smooth. But it's starting to act up on occasion, thus the search for the replacement.
  2. Thanks Grey Beard, I'll likely take you up on that. He's indicated he's not in a rush to unload it. And March or April should be a whole lot nicer to do a little testing.
  3. Haha, thanks for the reply. Yep just from me explaining some of the comments so far today I already got the "look" and ya I'm not shooting that. So I am definitely forgoing the Burgess purchase. I'm going to stick pretty close to my original plan and likely go with the short stroked and tuned '66.
  4. I have had her shooting mine, which is a 24" barrel. She didn't mind the rifle but the weight was an issue. This other '66 would be a half round half octogon and 19" barrel(custom worked over). So it'll be somewhere in between hers and mine. My hope is with the weight further to the rear it won't be as big of an issue.
  5. Thanks for the information. What I'm hearing so far is it's a great plinker. Looks like I'll hold off on this one. The other option which I've been leaning towards has been a short stroked and tuned '66 in 44-40(a little more money but probably worth it). I shoot a '66 in .45 colt, so I'm very familiar with all of there quirks. Mainly 45 in that particular rifle isn't great with bp.
  6. No I have not seen this video, I've been doing a complete clean in the '92 and her pietta navies after each days match. I know I get a little anal with the cleaning. But that look over when one of her guns messes up has me overly cautious. I'll have a look for it thanks.
  7. Howdy folks, I've been looking to upgrade my wife's rifle from a Rossi 92 to something possibly in 44-40. Currently she's generally shooting in the ladies frontier cartridge category. Her current rifle is in .38/357 which has been pretty good overall as far a fouling goes. But boy do I hate cleaning that rifle. So I had planned on either a 66, or a 73 in .38/357 or 44-40. However the Burgess rifle has a unique appeal and I've located one in 44-40 for a pretty reasonable price. There doesn't seem to be a whole lot of information on these anywhere, and I'd like to know I'm not getting into a whole new frustration with regards to the cleaning of these rifles. Any first hand knowledge of these rifles would be great. Thanks in advance. D.D. Freighter
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