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  1. I recently bought a CZ Sharptail shotgun from Long Hunters. I called on the phone to ask questions before I bought and Jim answered. He talked to me for at least 20 minutes, answering everything I asked and giving me more info than I thought I needed. The gun I ended up getting had an issue with the safety and he paid for return shipping and fixed the problem within a couple of days. That gun is now my primary shotgun over my SKB. My first experience with his work was when I bought a pair of Smoke Wagons from a guy getting out of CAS, who had purchased them new from Long Hunter, who had done the short stroke on them. The work was top notch, and although they are not my primary pistols any longer, I still have them and would recommend them to anyone. The same guy who sold me the pistols also gave me Jim's DVD set. I've watched those videos multiple times and told him on the phone during our conversation how much they had helped me as a new shooter. He is as humble as his videos portray him, and his work remains outstanding. I remain a Long Hunter Fan.
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