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  1. I skipped some club matches last year while in a walking cast. Looks like I’ll be in one again now. I was wondering what folks think about competing with a medical device like that. Would it be allowed? If not, is it a safety issue? A costuming issue? A slow down the match too much issue? Something else? Thanks.
  2. I know this is the saloon, but it’s still the SASS forum. I’m having as much difficulty as most wrapping my head around the whole non-binary thing, but I do try to be respectful. Fir the most part, this thread is not respectful and is likely to make some people feel unwelcome. I don’t know for sure if non-binary opponents are on the wrong side of history, but intentionally misgendering people constitutes “fighting words” in any century. Please stop.
  3. I touch the address bar, type the letter 's,' and touch 'GO.'
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