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  1. There is no optic or mag cap limit for this new game, so I guess I will get something computerized that talks with lasers and so forth. They do not allow AR pistols, but I could get any pistol caliber gun.
  2. I completely forgot about that forum.
  3. Dont be hatin. Where else would I ask about 1911s that can do double duty in 3 gun and wild bunch?
  4. I need a 9mm target pistol for an upcoming match. It’s a new type of match that involves 300-700 yard targets for AR and pistol targets up to 25 yards. While I’m buying, I thought I’d see if there is a model that would be good for that and also wild bunch and maybe 3 gun, but mostly wild bunch.
  5. What works really well and looks decent at a SASS match?
  6. Of course, mounting a Schmidt and Bender on the rifle is part of what makes it so expensive. But the rifle still cost more than the scope.
  7. Chronic wasting disease. https://www.cdc.gov/prions/cwd/index.html
  8. Your high maintenance girlfriend studied at the knee of Wildcard Bill. Guaranteed!
  9. Boats count as houses. I deducted my cruiser as a second home. Pretty sure that’s how that works.
  10. ... until you get into competitive long range shooting. I’ve never spent so much money on something in all my life unless it was a house or a car.
  11. 7.5 joules is about 5.5 foot pounds (FPE). The BB guns discussed here, like the Red Ryder, have about 1 FPE. The conversion of muzzle energy to velocity depends on the weight of the projectile. An Olympic air rifle or air pistol firing a 7 grain pellet at 580 FPS has about 5.5 FPE. A 40 grain .22 round at 1250 FPS has about 140 FPE.
  12. My interest lies in the legal requirement at my location in rural north texas to have at least 10 acres to shoot firearms. I have 1 acre, so I can practice CAS at home with BB guns, but I can’t shoot .22s. And the Foot Pound Muzzle Energy (FPE) on these is about 1 FPE. That’s a 7ish grain BB at about 400 FPS, If I recall correctly. The same as a Red Ryder. And the cost per round is less than a penny. I don’t reload, so the .22 would be more costly and the risk also much greater on a small lot like mine. In Germany, I presume they cannot get firearms at all, so that has to be the driving factor there.
  13. Its not clear to me how the shells charge and if using a tank with a safe max fill would help avoid problems. The shells look longer than the real thing, and I imagine that they are quite heavy even after firing, so loading them in the barrels and ejecting them onto the floor will be a different experience from the real thing.
  14. To second Pete, the sound of the steel target is louder to the shooter than is reflected in the video. What's more, the sound of the gas propellant is even louder to a shooter. Without ear protection, the propellant noise and gong are not that far off from what a hearing protected shooter would experience using a real gun and CAS target. I was surprised at how similar the experience is in comparison. The main thing missing is recoil, and of course shotgun with knock down targets.
  15. The full wood stock version of the Fursan looks like it is almost perfect for CAS. Reversed triggers? Ejectors?
  16. Ok I watched the airsoft 870 vid and that thing is so close to being a ’97, it’s not even funny. It shouldn’t take much to design a ‘97 clone that works the same way. I’d prefer if it fired reliadable bean bags instead of 12 BBs, but I’ll take what I can get, and I bet it would be feasible to design bean bags that would work even if it did not come standard.
  17. I looked into the double shot awhile back. It’s expensive, and it delivers way more performance than I would be comfortable using in my back yard. I expect it could take down a bear or moose, and some jurisdictions are savvy to what some airguns can accomplish and have regulations based on muzzle energy. So it would likely be unavailable in Germany, for example. But I think the real issue is that it does not duplicate the CAS experience well enough for training purposes. For example, there is one trigger and a barrel selector. Thanjs for pointing ting out the air soft one. I will check it out.
  18. Welcome, Pete! It’s so inspiring to see CAS thriving even in a state that makes it difficult. I agree that we need an air shotgun of some sort. Maybe one that shoots bean bags? As for safety, I’ve had great luck with the Dust Devils out of the Umarex lever action rifle. Zero jams and they turn to powder against metal, every time. I have a ten meter air pistol range in my house with a metal trap, and no Dust Devil has survived. Not a single one has collected in the trap or ricocheted out into the floor. And they are not lead, so no lead pollution. They WILL ricochet from wood or brick, so you must take care with your backstop. It needs to be earth or metal. Hope this helps. Please keep it up!!
  19. I’ve never owned an air soft gun, but if I hadn’t grown up with a Red Ryder, I never would have tried CAS in the first place. But an awful lot of people really seem to enjoy the fire and smoke. So I can definitely understand why it won’t be fun for some unless it goes bang.
  20. I have my targets in. They are a bit small so I’m thinking of moving them closer.
  21. A related question might be, how many of us started CAS as an excuse to buy our first SASS legal gun? I was really in it for the lever action rifle. Shooting the shotgun and pistols did not seem appealing to me. But I grew up with a red ryder and I needed just a little incentive to get that lever action rifle I always wanted. So CAS. And many issues later with the lever action rifles, while no issues at all with the other equipment, I’ve found the pistol and shotgun to be much more enjoyable than expected.
  22. Aaaaaaannnnd there’s a Schofield
  23. Spitballs? Try these. http://www.papershooters.com/ I got two of these free with my air gun order.
  24. The metal targets were my January birthday present from Wildcard Bill.
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