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  1. It took awhile for me to open the attachment as my tablet wouldn't do it. Yes the matrix is a vast improvement clearly showing the whole story. Great work
  2. thanks. wasn't sure if I was missing something. RCBS says they can make a stem to fit. I sent them 3 bullets and will see what they return. I will post my results. and yes close range this isn't an issue. I would just like the bullets to be seated without the cuts. I do reload rifles for distance and this goes against the grain. thanks for the feedback
  3. Yes it does. I see it shows the guns and ammunition. Thanks
  4. Cowboy states only any age. No mention of what's needed.
  5. I picked up a stoger Coach Gun. Geeze took some work to get it open. Lots of polishing and I have it pritty slicked up now. I have several other hobbies and it's been taking me awhile to get the cowboy fun started. Thanks so much for all the great help on this forum.
  6. The rules make it complicated and the experienced cowboys cant understand what's not clear. It's taken me quite a bit of time to get the answers. Maybe it's because I am an aerospace engineer and they didn't have them back when cowboys were roaming the range. There should be a category called Basic Cowboy/Cowgirl 38/357 smokless, 12 gauge, drop holster, jeans, shirt, boots. That's my humble opinion in the spirit of the game. Every sport needs more participants.
  7. That will help people those who don't have any idea what is needed. After the many posts and reading all over the web I think I figured it out. A simple worded up front explanation/matrix would make things much easier to understand. The rules read like someone who had been doing it for many years wrote them. I'm going to get a drop holster rig, jeans and a shirt and shoot dualist.
  8. Hi I have a set of RCBS 38/357 COWBOY DIES. The seater stem works fine with 125gr TCFP bullets buts scores 158gr RN. The stem cuts a ring in to the RN. Has anyone else had this situation?
  9. I have a pair of Ruger Vaquero's and a Uberti 1873 both in 38/357. I have a 12 guage Stoger Coach. No holsters, shirt, hat or boots yet. Any particular sites recommended to find some simple clothing?
  10. Some of the stogers come with two different chokes installed. What is the preferred choke in this gun for use in SASS? I would think two of the same.
  11. That would be the ticket.
  12. Hey great info. I am getting on track now with all the great feedback. I have a few of the 158 GR left and have stocked up on the 125gr TCFP bullets until I see a need to shoot others. Thanks
  13. Well I guess I'm handicapped. I read the whole document again (ver 23.2 handbook) and can't see anything except what I wrote above. Anyone have a page number where it indicates what I need to wear shooting duelist smokless 38/357?
  14. I read in the rule book Section 2 has 2 styles, duelist and gunfighter Further on costumes has Classic, B-western and Frontier I read classic is larger cartridges and Frontier is black powder. So I figured smokless 38 left out Frontier and classic
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