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  1. I have a new set of RCBS 357/38 Cowboy dies Part Number 18251 60$ shipped now $55
  2. I agree. Only the RCBS die set has only 3 dies. Size/Decap, Expand, Seat/Crimp. I ordered some more Dillon dies.
  3. Only because I bought these RCBS Cowboy dies am I doing this. I should have bought Dillon like my other calibers. Dillon are really the best for handgun calibers in my opinion. I like the 357 cases better than 38 because the bullet is seated deeper on the 357. Makes for a cleaner crimp and just seems to work better for me getting the right OAL for the 1873. Again just my personal choice.
  4. I sent them bullets to make one or supply one that fits. (Cowboy dies only come with one seating stem) Thanks
  5. Is that a special order or is it available on line somewhere?
  6. Related but not a direct answer to the original post. Power discolors the reservoir and is recommended by the press dispenser manufacturer to be emptied. After use. Should you be interested there is a great high quality PYREX replacement reservoir available for just about all makes. DRAMWORX https://dramworx.com/ I just bought one it it is very nice.
  7. It took awhile for me to open the attachment as my tablet wouldn't do it. Yes the matrix is a vast improvement clearly showing the whole story. Great work
  8. thanks. wasn't sure if I was missing something. RCBS says they can make a stem to fit. I sent them 3 bullets and will see what they return. I will post my results. and yes close range this isn't an issue. I would just like the bullets to be seated without the cuts. I do reload rifles for distance and this goes against the grain. thanks for the feedback
  9. Yes it does. I see it shows the guns and ammunition. Thanks
  10. Cowboy states only any age. No mention of what's needed.
  11. I picked up a stoger Coach Gun. Geeze took some work to get it open. Lots of polishing and I have it pritty slicked up now. I have several other hobbies and it's been taking me awhile to get the cowboy fun started. Thanks so much for all the great help on this forum.
  12. The rules make it complicated and the experienced cowboys cant understand what's not clear. It's taken me quite a bit of time to get the answers. Maybe it's because I am an aerospace engineer and they didn't have them back when cowboys were roaming the range. There should be a category called Basic Cowboy/Cowgirl 38/357 smokless, 12 gauge, drop holster, jeans, shirt, boots. That's my humble opinion in the spirit of the game. Every sport needs more participants.
  13. That will help people those who don't have any idea what is needed. After the many posts and reading all over the web I think I figured it out. A simple worded up front explanation/matrix would make things much easier to understand. The rules read like someone who had been doing it for many years wrote them. I'm going to get a drop holster rig, jeans and a shirt and shoot dualist.
  14. Hi I have a set of RCBS 38/357 COWBOY DIES. The seater stem works fine with 125gr TCFP bullets buts scores 158gr RN. The stem cuts a ring in to the RN. Has anyone else had this situation?
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