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  1. Ginny, would pay-pal work for you? If so FORD514@SBCGLOBAL.NET.  If not use

    Michael D. Cory...2904 Bralorne Ct Bakersfield, Ca 93309. I'll be needing your address

    for shipping., Let me know which way were going.

    Happy trails


  2. Alias: Ginny Hinny SASS# 106245 Location: SW Missouri but i shoot in Oklahoma. Years: more like months. Pic is from my first official match last month.
  3. Typically you would measure 2 inches below the waist for a gun belt.  But with the different cuts of ladies jeans i.e.. Low Rise, High Rise, etc. that can vary some.  Also it will stretch some with wear and the amount of stretch will vary depending on thickness of leather, lined versus unlined.   

    1. Ginny Hinny

      Ginny Hinny

      Thank you for that information.  I am a pretty high waisted lady with a long, narrow hip so i am a hard fit as it is.   I had my chinks belt custom fitted and had to go with a youth yoke.  So that wasnt much help in fitting my gun belt.  We do have a good fit on it now and i see years of great fun with this rig!  If i order any others, it will be worth my while to take a trip to the craftsman for fitting. 

  4. There is a company in Jackson Hole Wy that does remans on the original model takedowns. (Info from my brother that owns one). He is going to look up the company and send me the info. You can do a google search, maybe you can find it that way before my brother gets back with me.
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