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  1. I have a very nice pair of stock .357 New Vaqueros with 4 5/8 barrels. I would prefer a pair of old models that are color case hardened... I honestly prefer a pair of holster worn, working guns. So if there's anyone out there with old irons that would fancy a pretty pair, lets make a deal! I can provide more pictures as needed.
  2. I would be worried I would forget which rig I was wearing mid stage! There are a couple options for this line of thinking: Colt Faro makes a holster that will hold a gun put in either direction. This would allow you to setup for the stage with cross draw or double strong side without changing holsters or locations. I started using a technique Dillard shows in his videos, in scenarios where the right gun coming out first makes more sense, Ill put my right gun away in my left holster after I have drawn my left gun. It takes some getting used to, but works really slick!
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