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  1. Congrats to Twelve Mile Reb, men's overall winner and Lilly Long, women's overall winner, new Utah State Champions.
  2. I was in the same situation a couple years ago. Bought a new Pedersoli in 45-70 at Cabelas. It was on sale at the time, just under $1,000. Spent another $300 or so for a Lee Shaver soul sight. If money wasn't a concern I would have gone with a Shiloh. But at least for me money is a concern and the extra couple thousand dollars isn't something I could justify for a side-match rifle. I am very happy with the Pedersoli. I use black powder substitutes. Most side matches don't shoot more than 10 rounds. I don't blow down the barrel or clean between shots. I have shot matches on steel buffaloes out to 800 yards. I've placed in several, including a regional. Never had a concern that the Pedersoli wasn't good enough. Its still one of the nicest rifles I own. I would make sure you get a quality set of sights. Cleanup after is easy. I agree with what you have heard, that black powder cleanup is easier than smokeless. Luckily my wife only gets mildly annoyed when I use the bathtub to clean that long barrel.
  3. Many clubs are holding side matches that include .22 caliber speed rifle. I see EOT had this as a side match as well (I still haven't been able to get to EOT). At least at the shoots I attend everyone seems to be using a lever action for the .22 rifle. The handbook doesn't address required guns for .22 side matches. My question is, would a .22 pump be legal in one of these side matches?
  4. Page 23 of handbook. Timer operator has authority to call procedurals, assisted by spotters.
  5. Fordyce, No, I shoot gunfighter with cartridges. For me cap and ball are strictly for plainsman and frontiersman. No P? You are assuming my brain would allow me to continue to hit my targets with the other gun, holster it safely, work out the issues I had with the first gun, finish shooting that and move on. Nope. Definitely a P. Next time I feel like adding a layer or two of difficulty I may try it. I'm sure it would be entertaining.
  6. Gunfighter with cap and ball while legal, would be difficult. I generally shoot gunfighter in main matches. I also have cap and ball revolvers and love to shoot plainsman matches and shoot matches in frontiersman. I love shooting the cap and ball revolvers. While legal, I would not want to shoot gunfighter with my cap and ball revolvers. Seems like at least 1/3 of the stages something goes wrong with a cap and ball, either the cylinder gets jammed from a cap falling off, the loading lever falls open, or something. The off hand is needed to resolve these issues. I would be in a pickle if I had a loaded revolver in my other hand at the same time.
  7. Just a thought on the caliber. I have two handi rifles, one in .357 and one in 45/70 that I use in plainsman matches. Those little .357/.38 special cartridges are really small to be loading from the belt into a single shot. While I love the .357 and its great fun to shoot, I am able to load much faster and smoother with the 45/70. If I am really concerned about getting a good time I will generally use the 45/70.
  8. I have had a couple of Marlins in 357 and 45 (still have one in 45) and currently have a couple of 73's (one Uberti, one Cimarron both in 357) . Marlins and 73's are both great rifles. I rarely have problems with either, but do have to work on the 73s a little more often than the Marlins. The Marlin can generally be had a little cheaper. I have worked on and slicked up both. In my opinion the 73 is a little easier to work on. I can get my 73's to run slicker and faster than the Marlins. If I were to have just one, I would keep my 73 (and I would take the Uberti over the Cimarron).
  9. I picked up an Iver Johnson hammerless in 32 S&W for $125 a couple years ago. It was fairly easy to take apart to clean out (and oh was it dirty inside) and polish. Got it working real smooth and fast. I've won several side matches with it now. I'm a huge fan of the hammerless. Just seems to fun smoother than the hammered versions I have tried. Don't know if I just got a good one or if its the design.
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