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  1. Hand made elk vest for sale. I generally wear an XL and this is on loose side. May between XL and XXL. There are some small black marks on the front, otherwise vest is in good shape. I purchased used on this forum and have only worn a couple of times. I am moving on from SASS hence the sale. $150.00 + shipping. Check or PayPal. Please PM me with any questions.
  2. I own an 1874 Pedersoli-Sharps 45-70, 32" barrel model Cabelas model 8125. The closest I can find it matching on Pesersoli's site is a Sporting #3. I acquired used and do not have the original OM. Yesterday I had about 2-3 light primer strikes out of say 15 rounds at the range where the primer was dimpled but did not go off. Second attempt resulted in a normal discharge. The only parts breakdown I can find show a breech block with a "firing pin block plate" that appears to house the pin and a spring. Mine is different There is simply a screw that locks the pin in place. I removed both that and the pin in order to clean. However, I expected to find a spring in there but there was none. The firing pin just rolls back and forth. My question(s) 1. Is there supposed to be a spring around the firing pin? 2. Does anyone have a parts breakdown for this model? 3. I have thoroughly cleaned the block and pin cavity, have yet to test it. It has always hit the primers a little off center. Do I need a new pin? 4. If so does anyone have a part #/source? For the record this is one nice rifle, best I have or will probably ever own. Thanks for any assistance. Sheriff L.
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