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  1. Similar situation in Tennessee except I have no AC in the shed. Hence I never leave powder in the hopper and always store my powder, primers and lubed bullets in the house. That shed can easily hit 100 degrees in the summer - especially since I sealed it up to deter snakes and such - so why risk it? I was advised not to shoot the snakes while reloading, sage advice. Sheriff Langston.
  2. I had a "perceived" malfunction with one of my Rugers. It went away and when I asked my smith to check it out, I could not tell him which revolver it was - even though I knew it was my left. Since then I have always put the lower serial # left and higher right. I also load and shoot left first, right second. I think I'm marginally OCD Sheriff Langston.
  3. Last year Winchester offered the $2.00 rebate on each box of 25 shells if purchased April 15th through some date in the fall. I purchased from Rogers. If you don't mind the hassle of cutting UPC's from each box and mailing them in, the net cost is a good deal. No shipping or taxes. Of course I can't guarantee they will do it again this year. Sheriff Langston
  4. Looks like I'll be pulling some bullets and recycling some toilet paper.
  5. My load is similar - 24 gr. of H4198 behind a 405 grain bullet. I use a quarter piece of single ply toilet paper as a filler. Not because I'm an expert in these things but a fellow shooter suggested it, and it kind of makes sense to me that the powder will ignite more consistently "stacked" against the primer as opposed to laying flat along bottom of the case. Again just my thoughts, there are folks here way more knowledgeable. Sheriff L.
  6. Thanks both. Yes the Trail Boss was a senior moment. I meant IMR 4198. I'll act on your advice and stick to a consistent and safe seating depth. Chey cast use Hi-Tek Coating SL
  7. I'm loading 45-70 for an H & R Buffalo Classic and a Pedersoli Sharps. Using either 350 or 405 grain Chey Cast coated bullets with light loads of 24 grains H4198 I'm using the Hornady OAL guage along with their comparator to establish overall length for each rifle. I believe some folks simply use a lubed lead bullet, seat it loosely in the case so it sort of slides back in as the breech is closed. Hence the projectile is "tight" into the barrel. However I'm more inclined to use a light crimp on these coated bullets. What I don't seem to be able to determine is if I need to use a setback or not while using a crimp. I've reloaded 38's for some time now however "precision" rifle caliber loading is relatively new to me. For these I'm using a Hornady LNL single stage. Any input appreciated. Sheriff Langston.
  8. #8 looks pretty lonely. I'll take it and give a good home. Sending PM with details Toranado. Sheriff Langston.
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