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  1. The first thing i would do is set up a hundred year trust fund for all remaining relatives.then i i would lay low and try not to bring any attention to my self and just enjoy life and see the us no need to go outside the us theres so much here to enjoy here.

  2. Hey there chili Ron,i'm from illinois ,The Chicago Kidd,i'm thinking ill just wait until i have enough to get a good gun something that can get slicked up.Once i have the funds i''ll start shopping on here first and see if i can get a deal on something all ready to go .i have watched a few matches at the Oak Park Sportsman Club in plainfield il. The Fort Beggs Regulatios and it looked like a lot of fun.I just retired last year at 62 and ready to enjoy it..i have talked to a few guys there and had lunch there but i'm

    kind of embarrassed to ask to use someones gun.like i said i only need the rifle.well i think my next step is to get a little more saved and i'll be all set ..thank everyone for your input.and everyone have a safe and great new year.

  3. hey there roy b i made a wet tumbler using an old motor 4 pillow berrings and some 6 inch pvc pipe and i can easily clean 400 38 special with 5 lbs of stainless pins and a lil soap.dont know how to send pictures but pm me and i can send you pictures of what it looks like running

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