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  1. I recently went to watch a match at Michigan city in. When asked if I was gonna shoot I explained I was going too but unsure now due to a medical issue not allowing me to shoot on my right side anymore. So after the match he loaded six rounds in his rifle and said try it out and I went six for six lefty. I’m happy to say I will shoot my first match the end of this month

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  2. talked with scarlette through e mail and ill be doing business with her  thanks everyone.oh and rain maker im in indiana now with my daughter i used that name while i lived there.would never go back to chicago or illinois to live,

  3. The greed from all this will bite people in the rear sooner or later. I have a thousand lrg and small pistol and rifle primers but I would not scalp them. For a few Mosley dollars. A 100.00 dollars either way will not make me rich or break me. So I would rather help someone that stick it to them. Just my opinion 

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  4. Here’s another example I find an average of 2 bicycles a week that people throw out. Usually that’s all that’s wrong is flat tires, a lil rust and maybe a good cleaning. As a kid I tore apart my bikes ,changed sprockets , berrings ,even repainted them. But today it’s easier to just go buy a new one. 

  5. There is something seriously wrong in this country. I voted for trump and have people who were friends shun me. My good friends wife now gives me the cold shoulder. I’m starting to see more and more people actually hating people because they voted for trump. 

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  6. I had planned on shooting sass had everything but the rifle. But then due to atrial fibrillation I had to get a defibrillator installed. So when I woke up from surgery I was told they weren’t able to put it on my left side so they put it in my right side. I was told no more shooting from that shoulder any longer. So I havnt shot anything for two years now..They said it should be ok to shoot lefty but I’m hesitant to try. Hope this helps you. All said n done no more shotgun on right side for me

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