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  1. I think the intent of the OP was to emphasize that it's not a problem for folks to come shoot with us in California with their CAS guns. As Jailhouse Jim said "Please come to California to enjoy the birthplace of SASS and so many of the fine clubs that operate here." Like Pozo River Vigilance Committee, and our neighboring clubs: Chorro Valley Regulators, King's River Regulators, 5 Dogs Creek, and many others. We are well aware of the crazy politics and laws in our state, but there are a lot of good folks still here (by choice or necessity) that enjoy getting together with like-minded CAS folks at the many great matches we have here in California. Speaking of good folks, we were recently at Bordertown in Tombstone, AZ (great shoot!), and over half the folks in our posse were from California; someone said "I like shooting with you California people, you guys are a ton of fun!" to which there were many hoots of agreement. As High Rock Drifter said "It's not really that much of a hassle", so please don't let our crazy laws keep you from enjoying the great clubs and folks here in California. We understand it makes you bristle to have to carry your firearms unloaded and locked up, but it means a lot to us that you'd endure the temporary indignity of it to come shoot with us! I'm one of the many that Roger Rapid mentioned when he said "Many of us Californians regularly travel back and forth to out-of-state matches without problems either leaving or coming into California with our Cowboy guns and ammo" and we travel all over this big scenic state to visit other clubs here as well. I've yet to hear of anyone being harassed or having problems within the state either. From all I've seen and heard, most LEOs are firearms enthusiasts and appreciate our sport. Living in California may not be your cup of tea, and many of us here share your sentiments, but please at least come visit us! There are some terrific folks in the CAS clubs here, and the weather and the amazing scenic beauty of our state are pretty nice too! We at the Pozo River Vigilance Committee especially encourage you to come join us at our 5th Annual Lazy Arrow Shootout!
  2. Yup, a bunch of characters for sure! And a whole cast of characters at PRVC have been working and planning to make this 5th annual the best ever! So save the date and get your registration in early!
  3. Bear Creek Supply has been making superior coated bullets since 1991. Check out the details: https://www.bearcreeksupplybullets.com/aboutourbullets Their polymer/moly coating makes a measurable difference in friction reduction as the bullet passes through the barrel, and after hundreds of rounds there is no lead buildup. They also seem to feed better in my rifles and keep everything cleaner and lead-free when reloading. They have some great quantity discounts and will ship for free if you order over $130 of bullets. I've been to their manufacturing facility, amazing Made-in- the-USA operation with many custom built machines. Steve is a hard-working and innovative guy who aims to please, and he loves Cowboy Action Shooters!
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