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  1. I ordered my first rifle from Mongomery Ward in 1962 paid for with money given to me for graduating 8th grade.... It arrived via rural US MAIL carrier a few days later. Shortly there after, President Kennedy was killed in Dallas.  No more mail order Firearms. Sortly there after, we (Illinoians) had to have an FOID to designate us as firearms owners.  I still have my original FOID.  We have to show our FOID in order to just look at a firearm in most dealers stores.



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  2. I was 13, a Freshman in High School. Just finished lunch, waiting to get back to class, the principal announced the news over the intercom and we were all stunned.

    I still think it was an inside government hit job. 



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  3. 6 hours ago, Linn Keller, SASS 27332, BOLD 103 said:

    Or duct tape a large wheelweight to the center of the driveshaft.

    Back in 69, I was working at the local Dodge dealership and a new car was purchased by an elderly man. He drove it about 100 miles and brought it back in for a "shake". I balanced the tires, took it out for a drive, and brought it back in still with a shake. I took the driveshaft off and took it to be balanced. Got it back, reinstalled it, took it out for a little drive, it was fine. Guy comes back a week later with the same shake. I opened the driveshaft, it was filled with newspapers, and a D cell battery. 



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  4. Another fella that I would print out his every post... Coyote Cap. I have a notebook full of useful information on the '97 from him.

    I shot with him on a number of occasions, and a better competitor would be difficult to find.

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