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  1. On 11/22/2022 at 9:11 PM, Still hand Bill said:

    You should read Stephen hunters third bullet.  While fiction it has enough facts that it could have been possible. 

    Still Hand, I just received my hard cover copy of The 3rd bullet. Thanks for suggesting it! Can't wait to read it.



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  2. Yes I remember. No, I don't believe the Warren report, and we may never know exactly what actually happened. 

    I've been to Dealy plaza and studied what information is out there. If the shots came from the 7th floor, the shots did not occur at the most oportune time.

    ( Just one of the reasons that I don't believe the Warren report)


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  3. We all swore an oath to protect our country against all enemies foreign or domestic with our lives. We were all in harm's way. The only difference was RA voluntarily joined and US were drafted. (I was drafted) and, yes, I got an early out...... 1 day shy of 2 years.




    Alpo, your comment was inappropriate 

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  4. They are extremely proud of their inventory (high prices), but after a year and a half search for a second Ruger Wrangler, I finally found one to match my first one, there. My grand daughters love them. 

    A great place to window shop.



  5. Another fella that I would print out his every post... Coyote Cap. I have a notebook full of useful information on the '97 from him.

    I shot with him on a number of occasions, and a better competitor would be difficult to find.

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