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  1. G7, Welcome to the forum. You have received much good advice! 20 years ago, I decided tha SASS was going to be something that I was going to get involved with. An old friend had a 97 that he used for pheasants and deer. He was interested in selling it. I bought it and have used it ever since. Coyote Cap used to post on here quite a lot, I printed off every thing that he wrote. I did most everything to my 97 that Cap advised, and it has functioned for me just fine. Do I have more than one 97? Yes but, that first 97 has suited me just fine, WR
  2. DJ, I know where you are as I've been there. I think after a few weeks there should be an Augustina in your and your Wife's future. WR
  3. Angus, 

    Yes, I'm pretty sure we got rained out at ST Jude's.

    I think the fella that was with Sgt. Smokepole alias was Kid Cary. Big tall fella with mustache. Glitter on his boots, from some costume match. Great sense of humor. Heard he passed a number of years ago.  Met him at Sycamore, Kishwaukee Valley Raiders.


    Good to see you on the wire.



    1. Black Angus McPherson

      Black Angus McPherson

      Yep, that's him, Kid Cary.  Great guy.



  4. I'm down from Illinois, and plan on shooting at Hernando this Sunday. Anyone else going?
  5. He will be going after protected birds next, Falcons, I think.
  6. I read your story, and I still can't hear...... Thanks, enjoy your venison! WR
  7. Another fella that I would print out his every post... Coyote Cap. I have a notebook full of useful information on the '97 from him. I shot with him on a number of occasions, and a better competitor would be difficult to find.
  8. Cpl., I think I'll try that new fangled telegraph tonight & see if I can get ahold of ya.


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