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  1. I was 13, a Freshman in High School. Just finished lunch, waiting to get back to class, the principal announced the news over the intercom and we were all stunned. I still think it was an inside government hit job. WR
  2. Paint your wagon....Clint Eastwood and Lee Marvin in a musical?? WR
  3. I've got tears in my eyes from laughing, and my wife is looking at me like "What are you laughing at?" WR
  4. I had just come back from a morning of pheasant hunting, and after cleaning 2 birds, I was in my gun room cleaning my 1100 when my future son-in-law approached me with a question.... " I'd like to ask your permission to propose marriage to your daughter." Of course i said yes. That was over 24 years ago. They have 2 daughters in collage and a wonderful marriage. WR
  5. Great to see you today, Ron! Wished we could have had more time to talk. WR
  6. I don't know if in fact G.S.P. had more than 1 of his favorite fire arm but, the article states that his firearms are at West Point, but I have personally seen 2 Smith & Wesson model 27s that claimed to be his. These were both 4" and not 3 1/2" as the article states. And,they weren't at West Point..... WR
  7. Roy Acuff visited our base on the Mekong River in Vietnam back in 1970 or 71 and sang his version of The Wabash Cannon Ball. The acoustics of the hanger weren't as good as a studio, but we all enjoyed his performance as if we were at the Ryman. WR
  8. I see what Alpo sees. Oh wait....... that's scary!!
  9. Doc, just to let you know, my Prayers have been with you and your family. Thanks for all the updates, and continued Prayers. WR
  10. Back in 69, I was working at the local Dodge dealership and a new car was purchased by an elderly man. He drove it about 100 miles and brought it back in for a "shake". I balanced the tires, took it out for a drive, and brought it back in still with a shake. I took the driveshaft off and took it to be balanced. Got it back, reinstalled it, took it out for a little drive, it was fine. Guy comes back a week later with the same shake. I opened the driveshaft, it was filled with newspapers, and a D cell battery. WR
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