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  1. Well I'm getting close to the purchase of my revolvers (maybe for Fathers Day) and have used the resources of the SASS Forums, the Cowboy Chronicle advertisers and the Internet to look at holsters.

    When I start shooting, I will most likely be shooting in the Senior Category for my first year, then move to the Silver Senior the next year. I would also like to eventually shoot in the Senior Duelist and Senior Gunfighter categories once I become more proficient and comfortable with my shooting.

    With all the different types of holsters, is there one that would be applicable to the three (3) categories listed above, without needing a different holster?

    Also, is there an advantage to having your leather made where you can personally appear (local vendor) or can the purchase via the Internet be done without any glitches?

    I live just west of Orlando, Florida and not sure if there are any recommended leatherwork vendors I can make a short travel to visit.

    I did find one vendor online (Indian Creek Leather) that has a holster with the profile to match my SASS alias.

    Thoughts and suggestions are certainly welcome.

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