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  1. Muzzlelite MZ870 kit for an 870 shotgun.  MWS is still in business, but doesn't make these anymore.

    All parts and instructions.  I had it on the gun for 15 years and used it twice.  Functions fine.

    Includes a cheap Red Dot type sight.

    First 3 pictures are the kit, last two is how it looked assembled.

    $85 shipped.







  2. They are on the Cimarron website at $623.  Pics at the Firearms Depot website show a black finish, no blueing, but nice looking wood.  You are probably getting just what you’re paying for and nothing more.

    I  would guess you need to send it to Lassiter just to get it running right.

  3. Original 1889 vintage, cut down barrel, bore too big to cut threads for a choke.

    The favorite local shotgun targets were 2" and 3" steel pipes that you had to knock over.

    60 grains wouldn't do it. Ended up with 83 grains black with a modified shot cup to keep it together. Worked great and everybody on the posse felt the boom!

  4. Im going to try both .

    But I think the shorter shell with the roll crimp,

    Will make things go a little smoother.


    That depends on your loads. I found out that 83 grains of black power and 1-1/8 oz of shot jarred the gun so much that a roll crimped shot card would pop out. Ever try to work your '87 with a receiver full of #8 shot?

  5. If it is an original make sure you have a screw driver with you and check your screws. I shot one for a few years, and almost lost a couple of the screws from the receiver.

    I did lose a screw from an original about 12 years ago. It was between stages, and I spent the entire lunch break covering the ground with a borrowed 5 lb magnet (thanks Fiddletown). Finally found it in time to shoot the afternoon stages.

    Original screws were custom fit, off the shelf ones need to be fitted. The new guns have standard screws (I know this because I'm a slow learner).

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