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  1. I've been loading on 4 Square Deal presses (one for each most-used caliber) for years. Finally, the lure of a case feeder for .38 spl which with CAS has become a much larger volume requirement. Never owned a 550 or 650.  Almost a year in, I love my xl 750.  Primer system is same as my Square Deal presses, so I'm happy with that. The case feeder rocks. 



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  2. 8 hours ago, Buckshot Bear said:


    I'd like to get those brass ends, my yellow ones won't hold back more than 30-40 primers now they are so worn.

    Are you referring to the primer pick up tubes?  those are easily replaceable. I was referring to the red (or is it blue?) ends on the primer feed tube in the press.  That's where the brass ends fit.  I got one each for the small and large primer feed tubes. 

  3. I put the Unique Tek roller mod ("ultimate bearing kit") on my xl 750 and if it's the same thing on the 650, it reduces shake of the shell plate as it indexes and the consequential spillage of powder. It cut down the loose powder on my shell plate by about 80%.   


    I also got the primer feed tube brass ends (replaces the plastic Dillon ends) and they have been flawless.  

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  4. The problem is as much the short grain in the stock at that point. In other words, the grain angle is diagonal across the stock rather than parallel with the stock. Short grain is fragile by comparison to long grain (parallel to the stock).  There could also be a crack in the wood from the mfg or milling process. May be tough to fix that, but reinforcing the stock with dowel stock is not a bad idea.  


    Inletting and relieving the stock involves removing stock so that the recoil forces are resisted by a solid facing on the stock, in a direction parallel to the stock. I'm not sure that's possible when the grain is running off like it is at the stock's wrist. 


    I'd give the reinforcing a try, but be prepared to replace the stock. If it were Ruger or other reputable mfg, you might get some relief from them, but it's a Stoeger. Que Sera Sera. 

  5. I had a friend with a severe case as well. He, too, was sent home with no treatment until he was hospitalized. He's doing better now. 


    I'd like to know why there is ZERO approved or recommended early therapeutic protocol for this illness. You are on your own until hospitalized.  They could start treatment earlier and possibly avoid disease progression.  


    Seems like we could do better from a medical standpoint.  


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  6. I've also added some weight to the top of the primer follower rod. Keeping things clean, and replacing the primer tube tip periodically seems to be the answer. I get 5k to 10k rounds out of a plastic tip.

  7. I've not seen much this problem, though the last box of Missouri Bullet Co. bullets had two or three that were not properly formed. Out of probably 20,000 that I've used over the past 3 years, these were the first such poorly formed bullets. When I went to seat them on the belled case, they fell into the case. I didn't think much of it, as it was only a couple out of so many thousand, but the fact that they all occurred in a single box of 1000, seemed odd.


    If you have a bunch of bad bullets, I'd call the mfg and let them know. Most if not all will gladly make things right for you.

  8. Assuming you are not shooting B-Western, where you'd need a buscadero rig (low slung, double strong side) rig, then I'd suggest you get a conventional set up like Mernickle's High Performance rig and have him make you a third holster for cross draw. That way, you'll have matching gear for either double strong side or cross draw shooting. The extra holster is about $150 IIRC. I bought a B-Western rig before I really knew what I was doing, and used it for a year. Switched to the HP rig last year. Mernickle stuff is top grade, and Bob's a hoot to talk to on the phone. With the Mernickle HP rig, you can move the holsters around to suit, so you have flexibility in positioning them.

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  9. Gun shows around here (central Virginia) are mostly tactical guns and gear. Some reloading supplies, but all at high prices. I did pick up a Ruger LC9s at a very good price one time. I only go once every couple years, have too much other stuff going on.

  10. My wife retired a couple months ago and I'm only a couple months away from doing the same thing. We bought a waterfront home just off the Chesapeake Bay, and have been spending weekends and time off there for several years. Built my dream workshop there, and moved most stuff from our home of 35 years down there. Our old homestead is currently for sale, and our plan, once this place sells, is to keep a smaller home in the Richmond area. We will split our time between the two places (approx 100 miles apart) as our mood suits us. Between CAS, woodworking, boating, fishing and a grandchild, we are very busy. The job is beginning to get in the way...8^)

  11. Thanks to all for your assessments and personal experience. At last week's monthly match, one of the best competitors in our club, Striker, offered to let me use one of his SKBs for the match. Naturally, being much lighter and having a different length of pull, it took some getting used to, but it it was a great example of the "cowboy way" for one of our club members to make such a generous offer. And special thanks also to Major BS Walker, another top shooter, who let me handle one of his SKBs, and provided, along with Striker, much valuable advice and counsel on what to look for in an SKB.


    The news is that I now have a Johnny Meadows SKB 200E on it's way to me. It has a splinter forearm, nicely figured stock, and will have a mechanical trigger. Looking forward to upgrading my match equipment with this addition.


    Thanks again to all for your advice.

  12. I load 1000-2000 at a time and use 8 mil 5x8 inch poly bags with approx 125 rounds/bag. (~one six stage match). I label bullet weight and type, powder charge and type, primer type, and date. I haven't changed load parameters in a couple years, so the data seems superfluous, but my OCD won't let me label less. Dates I actually use to "rotate stock" as I usually have 5k rounds of .38 special loaded at any one time.

  13. Sitting here looking at the Christmas tree with a nice hot cup of coffee, and watching Trump on FoxNews promise to DTS, I realize, Life is Good! Ammo mostly stockpiled for the coming year, thoughts turn to other fine points of the game...


    I see many pards on here singing the praises of their SKBs, and many of the top shooters I know also have SKBs. No doubt, beautiful guns. I have a pair of Stoeger Supremes.


    Interested in what you think makes the SKB better than the Stoeger coachgun? I can see better fit and finish-but functionally? Is it the inertial/mech trigger? Does it break/cock easier? Do the better competitors gravitate to the better guns just because they are more durable, more reliable, more beautiful, or because they are actually faster?


    Seems to me that loading skills would be way more important than the gun itself...at least that's the skill I need to focus on.


    Perhaps this discussion will help others make a decision on which 12 ga double to get.



  14. Just mail them a check with a note for what you want. Takes a about a week to get the brass delivered. Not exactly high tech in these days of internet shopping, kind of reminds me of my childhood when you looked in a catalog, and mailed an order form for what you wanted with a check--in those days it was model rockets, airplanes, etc.

  15. Marty, of the powders you have listed, Bullseye will be the best for light C45S loads as it is the fastest of those powders. As others have noted, Clays, 700x and Red Dot are other good powders. I haven't loaded Bullseye in that cartridge, but you can look at light .45ACP data and work down from there, assuming you have a chronograph to understand your results. My best results with C45S was with Red Dot.

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