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  1. Would it be possible to see a picture of where you added metal to the locking lug of your stoeger?

    1. Ripsaw


      sure, here you go. once you add some weld metal, you need to file it down flat and put the barrel and stock together and then make sure the locking plate fully engages that lug. File it down until the locking plate completely closes over the lug. You can tell by how the opening lever behaves. Any play between that lug and the locking plate is not permissible because as that lug wears, the barrels will move.  On both of my stoegers, the locking plate, when new, just barely engaged that lug. So it wore it away a bit, creating looseness. Now it fully engages. I don't shoot this gun any more, have moved to an SKB. The area shown is dirty and a bit wonky, but it works fine. The little shiny flat spot under the tip of the pointer is the critical area, should be smooth and flat and have essentially zero clearance with the locking plate. 


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