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  1. Hello Chuck,  Hope you and your family are doing well. It's bin a Long time. Three Deuces McKee   

    1. No Buk Chuck SASS # 24540

      No Buk Chuck SASS # 24540

      Hi Friend it has been a while. We are ok here hope your end are well

  2. July of 1999. I was on vacation with my family, and stopped in Custom Cowboy Leather in Cheyenne, WY and decided to order a double holester rig when I was approached by another customer. He said I couldn't help overhearing and asked if I was from Michigan?Are you a cowboy shooter? I replied that I wanted to start (been reading about it) I needed a holester set up. He invited me to shoot with him, his wife and others at Williams Gun Sight near Flint, Michigan, as he was match director. Dakota Doc and Cactus Kay got me started. Wonderful people, I am forever indebted. Went to the first Wolv
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