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  1. We use RU Ready Shot Timer 3000. They have worked well for us. Bought one for my range bag as well.
  2. Arbitrator

    SDQs & MDQs

    The most common one I have seen is moving with a cocked gun. Also seen a few holstering of a cocked pistol. I have had one SDQ so far. Dropped unloaded pistol. Just after I started cowboy. Had a Busquadero rig with the holsters tied to my legs. Shot the pistols, holstered them and ran for the next staged firearm. One pistol bounced out in transit. When I could afford it, changed out my holsters.
  3. I can also add a bit regarding “antique” classification in Canada. First, to be considered an antique in Canada it has to be an actual antique. Meaning actually made before 1899. If it is a reproduction of an antique, it is still a firearm under Canadian law. Also, I believe an antique firearm in Canada needs to have its serial number registered as an antique for it to have antique status under our laws, but I will let more knowledgeable people correct me there if I am wrong.
  4. When we review things like this, we tend to gravitate to a question of who is ultimately responsible. And other posters are correct. It is always the responsibility of the shooter to be safe in all ways and at all times. But we put in the additional checks and balances because the cost of an error is just too high. Cowboy Action has a reputation for being one of the safest shooting sports out there and that is because of our dedication to safety. So while some think an LTO (or another shooter checking guns) is a waste of time or that it takes too long, I don't support that idea. I, myself, as an LTO have caught people with a round under the hammer at the table and was able to help the shooter correct. I don't view this as "saving the shooter a penalty", though that is a benefit. I view this as helping to ensure an unsafe condition does not happen and helping to ensure someone does not accidently get shot. Really, that is why we don't allow a gun to be moved with a round under the hammer. It is to prevent an unfortunate accident.
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