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  1. Last post on this topic.. ALL information, updates, changes, etc. can be found on the Cowboy Action Simplified Scoring Facebook page. No further posts will be made here. Too many pipes to respond to.. :-) the Official page is found here https://www.facebook.com/groups/CowboyActionScoring/
  2. Ok, I have updated the Installation instructions on both the FB page and in the Installation Files Download file on the FTP site to reflect the correct location of the Blank SQL database. And just to be sure I have attached the Install file here. Thanks again C.N. Double for spotting that!! Cowboy Action Simplified Scoring Installation.pdf Cowboy Action Simplified Scoring Installation.pdf
  3. Glad to hear it! Please let me know how the match turns out! It has been my experience that as long as you have a good signal the tablets will run smoothly.. the Web App is very small and the data being transferred is small also. As for the critique, always glad to hear back on the program, + or - :-) I didn't realize I wasn't specific about the location, AND that I had moved the file from the ROOT.. ah well, there had to be something. Working back and forth with HeIp files and Installation instructions in an ever changing program can be a bit daunting LOL.. will remedy that and upload the corrected instructions. Thanks for pointing that out!!
  4. I took it down for some maintenance. Should be fine now.
  5. There is an UPDATE to the CASS program. It fixes a bug that apparently has been skulking around for almost a year. Folks who downloaded the program should download the update. You will need to uninstall the old version and install the new version. This will not require you to make any changes in your settings nor will it delete any of your information. You can download the new version from ftp://ftp.missingpiecesoftware.net/CASS_Installation_Files_Update.zip Regards, Tex
  6. Happy to say there has been a good response to giving the program out. Over 100 downloads. I realized in my announcement that I said "Happy to help, but you will be charged for my time" What I probably should have said "If you need help installing or want me to install, you will be charged. But if you have ANY questions regarding the install or the program itself, please email me and I will be happy to answer."
  7. wyliefoxesquire - Yes and No, the system is designed to use a WiFi Access Point that is connected to the PC (Server). Nothing is loaded on the tablet. Real Time Scoring is a Web App that is accessed over the WiFi with virtually ANY browser. I have my preferences, but any will do. As you score, the times are automatically sent to the server. Once the last shot is fired, you just press the print button and all the scores sheets will print. The entire shooter database is located on the PC (Server). If you want to set up a match in CASS and send to the tablet and use ACES, then the system is fully compatible with ACES IMPORT and EXPORT, just a bit cumbersome if you ask me. ACES is the only tablet based scoring system on which it is compatible. The installation instructions tell you what to skip if you are NOT going to use a WiFi system and want to use ACES or just do paper scoring.
  8. Irish Ike - No, you CAN either score on paper or use ACES, they are options. The system, when fully installed, is on a local WiFi network and the tablets transmit the scores AS THEY ARE ENTERED to the server. No paper, no transfer, no syncing. And sorry, no, it is NOT a MAC product. The Web App and the SQL database can be easily ported over, but the program would have to be re-coded and compiled for a MAC. Not seeing that in my future. :-)
  9. PLEASE READ THIS ENTIRE ANNOUNCEMENT Cowboy Action Simplified Scoring has been around for almost 5 years, but I have not marketed it. It has been running at Kings River Regulators this entire time, at 5 Dogs for 3 years and has been used exclusively by Chorro Valley Regulators for the Monthly as well as their Western Regional Championships for going on 4 years. It was more a work of love than a project to make money, so I decided to give it to the cowboy clubs that want it. As of today, CASS will be FREE. You can read about it on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/groups/CowboyActionScoring. The downloadable .zip file contains the full program, complete documentation on installation and complete documentation on how to use the program. Keep in mind that I am a computer geek, not a novelist. I have spent a great deal of time putting this documentation together to hopefully insure smooth installations and use, however, it is possible I left something out or something that is clear to me may not be to the end user. Please email if you find such a discrepancy, my email addresses are at the bottom of this announcement. The minimum requirements are any iCore Intel PC with 8Gb RAM and 5Gb of free space, Windows based program, 7-10 compatible. It will run on DuoCore and 4Gb but it will not be as snappy. It will also run on laptops, but it is NOT recommended due to the SQL requirements. Now, having said all that, there are a few of caveats. 1. This program is offered AS IS. There is NO warranty or guarantees for its functionality or performance. If you have a problem, see caveat #5 2. It is IMPERATIVE that you read through ALL of the installation instructions completely and follow them to the letter to get a CLEAN install. 3. I did NOT write the installation setup to be necessarily user friendly, as I was the only one installing it. The COMPLETE installation is not for a layman, you need to know your way around a PC. There are three components to the system, the Main Program, the SQL Database and the Real Time Scoring (Web APP). Knowledge of SQL and IIS would be helpful, but not necessary. Using the instructions included, Tucson Smith was able to perform an install with very little help. 4. You can choose to NOT use Real Time Scoring using tablets and either just use paper or A.C.E.S. (it is fully compatible with their import/export). The parts to skip are in the installation instructions. To use Real Time Scoring you will need a local WiFi system for the tablets to communicate with the server. No Internet connection is needed. 5. If you need help I am willing to help, but you will be charged for my time. The program is free and most should have no problem with the installation. To my knowledge the program is bug free, and once installed just runs like a well-tuned engine. For those of you who do download the program, ENJOY! Cowboy Action Simplified Scoring can be downloaded from ftp://ftp.missingpiecesoftware.net/CASS_Installation_Files I can be contacted at Tex.Wayland@IJAFG.com or tanStaafl@missingpiecesoftware.net
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