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  1. Thanks Joe, I did go to the seller who is a dealer, he had the tune up done and sold me the gun new. I didn't get any follow up from him and so I went direct to the importer and they were going to get back in two weeks. Never heard from them. I was lucky to have Rowdy who was able to get things back to shooting condition.
  2. Has anyone got a idea how to get someone's attention concerning the replacement of the stock on my CD. Broke after 6 or 7 matches. Fortunately Rowdy Lane was able to get in shape to shoot and I wrapped for extra support. Great gun to shoot and handle. Just need them to stand up and back their product.
  3. EOT, Bordertown, Winter Range and many monthly shoots with the Yavapai Rangers and others will feel the loss. John Ryan, grandpa to Sass Kicker and Cody James has passed away and will be missed by so many. John and his wife Jerri were great supporters of his grandkids and all of his family. You can find more on Yavapai Rangers.com and our Facebook page.
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