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  1. The cz with SBGW springs makes a big difference in the lever but not so noticeable in sear. Taking one coil off of cocking springs helped a bunch but I think I can take another coil off without problems as primers are hit very hard still. Also needed alot of deburring which is easy to do. The only issue having is with single trigger. Will fire one barrel only set one way and fire both barrels set the other way.

  2. 3 hours ago, Cypress Sam, SASS #10915 said:

    The gun will work like a 66 with the lever safety removed.  A lighter spring will make for more positive hammer fall.  By that I mean that a less firm grip holding the lever closed is needed to disengage the lever safety.


    I find that when trying to shoot fast, the lever safety prevents early trigger pulls.  An early trigger pull usually won’t result in an out of battery discharge because the cartridge and primer are not yet in contact with the bolt face and the firing pin won’t reach the primer.  The hammer will follow the bolt forward though and NOT ignite the primer, causing even very experienced shooters to jack the lever again and eject a live round.


    Therefore in my opinion, the lever safety with a lightened, but functional, spring is a very desirable feature.  I consider it a “go-fast” add-on that Winchester made in 1873 without even seeking SASS approval!


  3. Pair of stainless steel New Vaquero Bisleys. Transfer bar removed, half cock hammers, lightened action work. Maybe 150 rounds fired. Both sets of grips. Original boxes. $2050  shipped to your FFL. Also have a 2 pairs of gunfighter grips if interested. $110 per pair.






  4. Have had 2nd and 3rd gen colts. The only thing spectacular about them I'd the name and all the history and romanticism. Hands down USFA is higher built quality. Across the board they had same quality build with every model, only difference would be in the options. Next for me would be pietta frontier and great western II. Uberti falls back because of hammer safety's. Standard does not match quality of USFA and are way overpriced. My .0000002 cents worth.

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