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  1. IMG_20220520_081550220.thumb.jpg.0395eb8fcfb8e4fa9b73c33d636687d7.jpgIMG_20220520_081608263.thumb.jpg.bf9ddead5484ec079f43b4643470175d.jpgIMG_20220520_081613876.thumb.jpg.b9707920e7a99bbe354889f9bd0ba7a1.jpgIMG_20220520_081631629.thumb.jpg.1335866a1f921ad3c49394311eee0876.jpgIMG_20220520_081643156_HDR.thumb.jpg.d2da271b76345db6d57866d90938c802.jpgIMG_20220520_081608263.thumb.jpg.bf9ddead5484ec079f43b4643470175d.jpgIMG_20220520_081550220.thumb.jpg.0395eb8fcfb8e4fa9b73c33d636687d7.jpgGoing to sell this. It has a 20" barrel. Lassiter had worked this for the previous owner. Set up to slam fire. Looks like new as I have only practiced  with it and had not been shot very much before. If interested pm me. open to reasonable offers.

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  2. Couple of things. Putting on this size match is way past facility size. It has been brought up numerous times in this thread that there a number of ranges that have the physical ability to handle 800+ shooters. That is ONLY the starting point and probably the easiest part. As was mentioned before the planning part is basically year around. There are already ideas we are talking about for next year as we see things that can be improved. Workforce. We have 21 board members and this year 50 rangers. And all of us are busy keeping all aspects of the match running smooth. Even then things happen. If it were not for the volunteers helping with this IT WOULD NOT BE POSSIBLE. One other thing to remember is that the draw to this match is international. So you need hotels, eating establishments, etc to cater to all and be appealing. Also a decent airport. We all thoroughly enjoy hosting this and making sure that everyone who attends has a great time. That is our primary goal! And strive to make it better every year. Someone mentioned that there are better scenarios to shoot, seems they are trying to somehow lower the quality or greatness of this. Why don't you try writing stages and designs to keep EVERYONE happy and engaged shooting so it does not become redundant, remembering this is not a regular shoot but needs challenge as the National Championship that it was and now the World Championship.  It is about variety. Thank you to all that have helped and attended. 

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  3. On 3/1/2022 at 3:58 PM, Yul Lose said:

    Having seen firsthand the work that has been and is being done by a tremendously dedicated army of Arizona Rangers I would really hesitate moving it from where it is just for that reason alone. Many don’t realize that the preparation for EOT 2023 is in the planning stages now and come Monday morning the work will begin again.

    We have another winner!

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  4. i would like to congratulate Flat top and his crew for having a match of this size and caliber. It is very good to see the national championship carry the interest it has in the past. As one of the az territorial roughriders we understand the logistics of handling that amount of shooters. Currently being EOT we could have 900 plus shooters if consider waiting list but trying to accomodate the amount of shooters on a possee would end up being inefficient and could never get it done in a reasonable time frame. Would possibly have to extend the match days. Anyway, great job and we know that you will put on a tremendous match!

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