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  1. I have an old box of these my brother gave me many years ago. He shot some of the rounds and some are still new loaded. Some years ago I found an article on the web about them and as I remember the company was in business only one year. Seems the cost of their reload components was no less than conventional methods and they didn't have enough business to keep going. A good idea to a problem that had already been solved. They make an interesting conversation piece. 



  2. 277 misc. 357 caliber jacketed bullets pulled from previously reloaded brass. Bullets pulled with a RCBS collet puller, not a kinetic hammer so bullet noses are not damaged. Price is $60.00 shipped for the lot. Payment by Paypal or USPS money order. 

    As seen in pictures;

    #1 - 83 each 158 grain Hornady hollow point XTP

    #2 - 81 each 158 grain Hornady flat point XTP

    #3 - 33 each 140 grain Hornady hollow point XTP

    #4 - 9 each 125 grain Hornady hollow point XTP

    #5 - 42 each 125 grain Remington soft point

    #6 - 29 each 125 grain soft point brand unknown





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