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  1. At a local non-SASS club that I belong, we have been doing an occasional fire specific match. These matches have been done to spotlight different firearms (.38 snub nose J-frame revolvers, .45 ACP 1911 pistols, single action revolvers, pump action shotgun, and most recently, pistol caliber lever action rifles/carbines). These matches usually have less than a dozen people compared to the 50 or so at our Steel Challenge or USPSA matches. We use one bay to shoot five stages. Round count is usually about 50. Loading and unloading is done per USPSA and Steel Challenge rules under the commands of the range officer at the firing line. Pistols are holstered or cased when not in use, long guns are staged open and empty on a gun rack. Various cardboard and steel targets are used depending on distance. We might shoot from 2 to 45 yards as we start with the first stage almost to the backstop shooting cardboard targets from the hip (plenty of extra targets are at the ready after the shooter has cleared their firearm and targets can be scored). After everyone has shot the first stage, we might move back a few yard to shoot a couple of bullseye target. Next, might be a falling plate rack. Next might be a combination of shoot and No-shoot targets. The final stage on the bay would have everyone back at the entrance to the stage. This allows them to get their gear loaded into their vehicles and them hopefully help with tear down of the bay.
  2. Why isn't anyone watching the caulk gun loading table?
  3. I mailed my application in a couple of days ago. Should I be worried about the online registrations filling up the match before you receive my application in the mail?
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