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  1. The OP said he wants to shoot in an "Optics" category". So that rules out iron sights. I have shot 38-55 up thru 45-100s. While the 38-55 is a sweet round, it doesn't hold up well when the wind blows. Wind and long range go hand in hand. Recoil is not going to be a big factor for SASS side matches given the limited number of shots. As for expenses, hmm, that has to be the most insignificant number ever when compared to all the other costs of get to a match. Just because a 45-70 is larger than the 38-55, means absolutely nothing when comes to hitting long range targets. The 45-70 will shoot just as well as the 38-55 at shorter ranges, and a darn site better at the longer ranges. Keep your options open. The 45-70 does very nicely at shooting close targets (the ones that are all the way to the back of the pistol pits). Learn to read the wind and 45-70 does nicely at shooting real long-range targets. Get a scope and go shoot your 45-70. It will serve you well.
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