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  1. Custom made by Mernickle for my 5" Navies (fits my 5" RM conversions too). Kind of a Slim Jim twist on his "high performance" series. I requested his artistic license on the aesthetic. Turned out great!
  2. Maybe something like this? I had the same minimalist goal (and minimal woodworking skills & tools!). This wooden gun cart quickly disassembles (using a knob and two wingnuts) into three primary pieces: Ammo crate (10.25" x 15.75" x 8.75") which doubles as a seat and commonly sold in many stores Base (16.25" x 17.50") attached to axle and wheels. The wheels can be also be removed (loosen set screw on hubs), but I never needed to Handle stem (38.75") with crossbar (17.34") Modify to taste (wood, hardware, paint, wheels, seat cushion, etc.). I include a water bottle "holster" at the base, used a bent railroad spike for a grip, painted the hardware flat black, and "aged" the wood for a rustic worn look. I used cork at the contact points for the long guns, and cinch them with leather laces to the crossbar. I can also strap a golf umbrella to it (only if seated on it to prevent a gust tipping it).
  3. Thanks for the news Warden & Chantry! Glad to see it coming back! I never resorted to necking down 32-20 as Uriah mentioned, but here’s some more info on that if anyone is interested (with another link to even more):
  4. The biggest challenge is finding any 25-20 ammo or brass to reload! But it is legal and a fun round, so go for it if you can.
  5. This; when I’m at the range with other people. Otherwise, just foam plugs when I’m by myself shooting .38 CAS loads or at a match. As you know, it can be tricky getting the right seal with foam plugs (sometimes takes me a couple tries). I’ve found that inserting a tightly rolled plug while pulling the ear lobe outward with the opposite hand opens up the ear canal more making for a good fit.
  6. FortuneCookie45LC has a lot of informative videos on powder coating. Here’s a brief summary of the process and materials. General consensus is that Eastwood’s Ford Light Blue powder covers well, which worked well for me too (though I haven’t used anything else yet for comparison). First wear a good dust mask and some latex/nitrile gloves; the powder is very fine. Swirl bullets with a tablespoon of powder in a #5 plastic pail with lid (like an old cool whip container) for ~1 min, which builds static charge making the powder adhere to the bullets. Dump onto a wire basket, saving excess powder back in the pail. Place basket in an old toaster oven for 20 minutes at 400F. Convection toaster oven is ideal, and MUST only be used for powder coating ever after, not for food. I bought one from a thrift store for $5. When cooled, test the coating by smashing one bullet with a hammer. If the coating doesn’t flake off, then the powder coating worked. By the way; make sure your bullets don’t already have any other coating (e.g., Lee liquid allox or moly coating like on Bear Creek bullets). Have fun and good luck! Please keep us posted on how it turns out.
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