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  1. Long Hunter Shooting Supply sells new slicked up Uberti Navies and Armies, which includes Slix nipples, the arbor length fix, lightened springs, and much more. Their anti-cap jam fix is an additional cost (pictured below). The '51s also have a 5" barrel option. I have a pair - they work flawlessly - and Long Hunter's is a terrific outfit. A minor note for anyone interested in .36 Navies (51 or 61) Pietta vs Uberti is that the latter prefers the slightly larger .380 round lead balls which you either have to cast yourself or buy online (I highly recommend Whyte Leatherworks) as oppos
  2. InLine Fabrication’s Case ejector system for the LEE classic turret press
  3. If you’re loading on the gun, another thing to save your hands is a SLIX hand or something like this that fits over the loading lever. A necessity for my 5” Navies. Here are pics from the SLIX website:
  4. Look forward to hearing how the air fryer works out! Convection toaster ovens for this purpose are cheap and easy to find at Good Will; maybe they have air fryers too. I used Eastwood Ford light blue with good results for cap & ball shooting (.36 cal ‘51 Navies) to reduce my lead exposure.
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