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  1. HAHA, the next cowboy is coming with their own gear plus a demonstration that they can reload and clean guns. I may request references from other cowgirls as well!
  2. Not sure what's worse, getting screwed over by a cowboy or a politician who can't uphold their oath to uphold and defend the constitution. We're going through the same thing here in WA/OR. Best of luck to ya!
  3. Purchased from Long Hunter race ready. Used for less than 20 matches. Replaced loading gate. Light scratches from competition handling. Sorry my camera isn’t the best. $1300 shipped to your FFL. Cashiers check or square accepted. Payment will be held for clearance. Since someone is probably going to ask why I’m selling it, I’m tired of buying extra guns for boyfriends to use, who end up being liars and cheats. There ya have it!
  4. I’ll keep it in mind if I don’t find a set that works. Thank you
  5. Mudflat I don’t mind if they’re new l, just want 4-3/4” length and birdshead. I know 3-1/2 is the standard for mounted but it’s too short for ground. Need to sell these first.
  6. CR, I’m looking for a 4” .45’s with birdshead grips with my small hands. I tried Bisley’s and I wasn’t comfortable with the control. Thank you, Sandy
  7. I don’t know exactly what was done internally. They have been my main match guns for 8 years. My first set of pistols were vaqueros and these are lighter weight and better balanced. I’m selling them because I’m looking to buy a set I can use for classic cowgirl and mounted shooting.
  8. Set of well loved, smooth running Ruger Blackhawks, .357, 3 screw, colt fixed sight conversion by Loden B Kwik. $1500/set Shipped FFL included. Checks/money orders to be held for bank clearance. Square payment accepted.
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