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  1. Have you ever thought it would be helpful if everyone shooting a match experienced the posse marshall walk through? Here's your chance! There are two videos that cover each day of your 2021 SASS Southeast Regional: Ambush at Cavern Cove. Each video has a link in the description to the other. Stages 1-5 Stages 6-10
  2. Scroll back to page 14 and you'll see where I posted the very item I believe you want. If that isn't it, let me know and I'll try to find it for you!
  3. Through the magic of PractiScore and the internet, here y'all go! posse .pdf
  4. You're welcome! You &/or Barkeep need to check the pm I sent y'all regarding the other question.
  5. @Buck D. Law, SASS #62183 and @Barkeep Casey is this the info you're looking for that Jack made for y'all? He's been at work since it was dark outside, so I don't have access to the file itself. However, this is a photo of the printouts he was asked to hang up on Thursday. If it's the wrong thing, I'll delete.
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