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  1. Hey Johnny! Was indeed a pleasure to have made your acquaintance at EOT and share the “waddie” responsibilities. Sorry I didn’t get to share a parting moment before you had to leave. I agree with Cemetery on Doc Noper’s assistance. I know of another shooter that had his 500 slicked up by Doc and is very happy with the job done. Hope you get it “race ready” and our paths meet again sometime. Lightning Bill Carson.
  2. Trying to find a list or something to show when, where waddies are assigned duties. Supposed to be there tomorrow but no information can be found. Don’t want to drive all the way to the Pass if not needed. LBC
  3. Trying to find information for waddle work list for EOT. Is there a list or just show up for the days volunteered? Lightning Bill Carson
  4. Thanks for the reply and good advice. Will definitely add a little when it is installed. LBC
  5. Thanks again for your replies WC! Went on their website and ordered one plus a couple extras! Coming across the big water so it might be a few weeks before I get them but at least I know I got some coming. Thanks again, LBC
  6. Thanks WC! I will give it a look. LBC
  7. Trying to find a replacement screw for a Marlin 94 left side receiver. Looked on Brownell’s website but doesn’t show a view of the left side and I am not sure what the screw is called. Would appreciate any information about the name or number for this particular screw. Thanks! LBC
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