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  1. This could get interesting. People join a forum to glean information from the members. They join to gain the comradery that is generally present in forums, especially SASS. They offer opinions and pass along valuable information at times. Why is it that a bunch won't inform the membership what they are, who they are, or where they are. Do they think someone will burn down the house? Steal their guns? I can respect the hesitation to post their street address, phone number, and/or Social Security number.
  2. About 12 years ago there was a famous, now infamous, cowboy shooter that, usually, broke his Ruger Vaqueros with annual regularity. He ran heavy mainsprings because he would catch the hammer. There were problems with the 73' that he ran that seemed to be similar. Awesome shooter at the time. His legacy includes being remembered for wining 9 out of 10 stages at MuleCamp and losing the match. Boy, could he have train wrecks.
  3. I ordered two main springs from Numrich/Eparts. The two springs I ordered were for a pair of Hombres or whatever they call them nowadays. The new springs were much thicker than the factory ones and were a little longer than the factory springs. After hourglassing the new springs to match a pair of springs in another pair of Hombres, the actions felt far apart. The factory springs are blued and thinner. The new ones are in the white and polished. I would like to get the thinner blue mainsprings. Any one familiar with the differences and where I would order them?
  4. I would guess $1500.00 to $2000.00 for the extra barrel and gun. I would guess $1500.00 for the single gun. One has to assume that based on the exterior the guts are in great condition.
  5. There is a man in West Virginia who loves SASS kids and has a big reputation for doing everything from giving kids rifles (all 1873s) to fixing them free, even if he did not work on it before. The kids he has set up with rifles are a lot bigger now and he may know of a deal. Call: Don Jones aka Cody Conagher For all he has done for SASS, he should be in the Hall of Fame. http://codyscowboyshop.com/ By the way, he and Lone Dude invented the short stroke. Hell, I was there.
  6. Up to three things is/are broke. http://www.gunpartscorp.com/Manufacturers/Uberti-33543/BlackPowderRevolvers-43430/1873SingleActionCattleman-37956.htm That is a schematic of a single action. Look at #12. That is the bolt/cylinder stop. There are two legs sticking back. One of those legs rides on protuberance on the other side of the hammer. It is a cam and as the hammer is cocked it raises a back leg causing the bolt to pivot and drop down and release the cylinder. The cam like protuberance is shaped so that just before the cylinder indentation gets to the bolt, the leg falls of the cam
  7. SASS brass needs to be cleaned just enough to rid it of grit and grime. The stuff our brass lands in will scratch the interior of the die. I have never deprimed mine before cleaning. Any hand press has the power to overcome the carbon and should seat with a firm push unless the press is not rock solid. Any give when seating the prime will remove the power to seat the primer.
  8. Lone Rider, I have won three or four Senior and/or Silver Senior badges and I don't remember having to buy them. Man, do I miss going up there. The Singing Ranch stages will give you a work out. They wouldn't let me bring the golf cart.
  9. Most holster makers will not make a SOB.
  10. John Boy, the 38-55 by SSAMI dimensions never had a throat and the area where the throat should be is too big. Many 38-55 shooters claim that if you "fix" it it will only get worse. I am aware that Manson Reamers sell a 38-55 McPherson reamer which McPherson says will make the 38-55 a shooter if you cut back the barrel and re-chamber. Ever see this? This chamber accommodates the long brass.
  11. I get on JM Brown for not wearing his. Hell, I would find somewhere to hang 5-6 National Championship titles and 5-6 World Championship titles.
  12. Just don't list all your accomplishments on your profile. They b...........gripe about using bandwidth or some other such crap.
  13. On my shotgun belt. I strongly believe they are earned and should be worn proudly. That same year they gave statues instead of buckles. You can't wear/show off a statue. We got buckles also. Never under estimate a man's ego. Now, I never had much of an ego. Well...................
  14. May I add my favorite? Not tryin' to blaspheme. I love their "smooth" blended harmony.
  15. http://stores.leeshavergunsmithing.com/ Outstanding sights. The $225.00 economy Soule is great. Add front globe with level for $85.00.
  16. Cody has been doing the conversion to the 45ACP. http://codyscowboyshop.com/
  17. uh oh. I bet you run around with those folks at High Country. Met Otter yet? Welcome to the best fun you can find.
  18. http://assra.com/cgi-bin/yabb/YaBB.pl?num=1091212612
  19. And to get it really interesting: After you have sanded, wetted the wood and raised the hairs for final sanding, you need to get some ArmorAll along with the TruOil. Spray the stock lightly with ArmorAll. Tip the bottle of TruOil to wet down the tips of the three middle fingers and rub on the TruOil lightly. The TruOil should "harden"/ "dry" up quickly. Continue until you have done the stock and fore end. After you get through, you should be able to start with another coat. Like a lot of other things in the world, we make startling discoveries. And yes, it works. The '73 in the picture was re
  20. SS, barrels should not be tightened that much in any receiver.
  21. Get a can of Strypeeze. You can remove all the finish in less than an hour. Also get a small bottle of TruOil. Read up on TruOil and stock refinishing. Time consuming but not difficult.
  22. I would think any gunsmith would replace a barrel. It ain't like the 'smith is guaranteeing the Henry to run fast and reliable. At the worst he buys a Green Mountain barrel, has the 'smith cut the tenon and screw it onto the receiver. Any other cuts is a piece of cake.
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