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  1. Slowhand, it seems that I have also incurred the wrath of Father Time. More accurately, God's plan.

    The latest iteration of a speed rig offers great access to the revolver, enough retention, and a hole big enough that you cannot miss when re-holstering. What more could a buckle aspiring cowboy want?

  2. "At 45 Colt velocities, unless you have a fitment problem (too small a diameter) or a rough, irregular bore, you shouldn't have any leading with dead soft, pure lead projectiles."

    What Griff said. You can drive a soft lead bullet too fast and you can drive a very hard bullet too slow. Either will cause leading. 


    Read the home page.
  3. Because of back surgery (and a lot of difficulty before surgery), I cannot run and gun. So I got interested in "long range" rifle. I had purchased a Marlin 336CB 38-55 years ago and decided to start to work. I started loading in 1963. I have a couple of rifles that I load for and thought "ain't no big deal".

    Well let me tell you, you ain't never run into a really confusing situation.

    My point.

    I am very thankful for all the responses from Marlinowners., Levergunscoundrels, and a number of forums who spoon fed me on the slippery 38-55. I also want to thank Lee Shaver for taking the time to discuss the 38-55 and the different chamber specs of the 38-55.

    I totally agree on book learning. I state that book learning is specific and does not take into consideration good, honest, passed down experience.  John Boy has posted some very interesting forums/articles/posts. But............I have a question about breech seating. But wait. The original owner had the Marlin "throated". And I borrowed a reamer that removed the abrupt leade into the lands. I can seat a 260 gr bullet so that less than 1/8" is in the case and it will chamber.  Is it safe to breech seat in such a chamber?



    No, a forum is a forum.


    a place, meeting, or medium where ideas and views on a particular issue can be exchanged:

    synonyms: · conference · seminar ·
    an Internet site where users can post comments about a particular issue or topic and reply to other users' postings; a message board.
  4. The holster thing reminds me of the original black powder hoorah. There are some who do not believe cowboys should use a cut down, radical cant (legal), speed rig. Then there are those who are looking for the ergonomics of a rig to fit their need for speed.

    My heroes are Steve McQueen, James Drury, Peter Brown, Clint Eastwood and even Russell Crowe. The only one in the whole movie who wore a holster that one could actually get a fast draw. Sharon Stone would have hurt herself if she did "hit it hard".

    That first shot of the match or the first shot of every stage is an attention getter. I firmly believe that if one has to require his body to "strain" ( as in not ergonomic) in order to draw and get off that shot fast, he is wasting some time. Hunch your shoulder up, break the wrist to the back to get a grip. Bad leather. My favorite is watching cowboys draw with their weak hand and do the transfer for the shooting grip.


  5. Not difficult but hour glassing a Colt mainspring needs careful polishing. Like Driftwood said, any scratch, grinding marks will make it let go like a dry twig.

    And you need a get the taper even. Rule of thumb, no thinner than 1/3 of spring.

  6. As in most mass production items, some need fixin". The FA VibraPrime is no exception. I have one of the first ones (they stopped making them for a spell) and it needed a burr removed here and there. I have used it for 8-10 years and it runs like a charm. Dollar Bill Newman, a relative newcomer to the game, bought a recent VibraPrime and it works right out of the box. I heartily reccomend the Frankford Arsenal VibraPrime.

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