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  1. You don't see many 20 ga shotguns used in SASS and I'm wondering the reason why. There must be some negatives that I'm not aware of. Remington makes some great STS 20 ga shells with 7/8 oz shot so ribbed hulls is not the reason.
  2. I have purchased gun leather from this maker and have found it to be excellent quality. I highly recommend him. check him out! J.M. Ross http://www.jm-leather.com/
  3. A friend is looking for an economy SXS for cowboy action and I found this one on EAA Corp. website. Seems it's made in turkey where many import guns are made. Does anyone own one or know anything about them that can report on the quality or how suitable it is for a cowboy shotgun?
  4. You can buy a new Hepburn from DZ Arms here: http://www.dzhepburn.com/gallery/no-3-hepburn/ A friend has this rifle in 45-70 and it's a masterpiece. He shoots BPCR Silhouette with it.
  5. Tried to send you a message but apparently you cannot receive messages on the Wire. Probably the way you have your dashboard set up. Send me a pm with your email or phone.
  6. If anyone has a Ransom Rest collecting dust and would consider selling.......I'm interested. Whata ya got!
  7. Joe Perkins, Tucson Arizona, www.classicsingleaction.com, 520-999-6799
  8. I called Wolff and had my name added to the list for replacements when they become available. No estimate when that will be.
  9. Today I installed a set of Wolff springs with the 32 oz trigger return spring as part if the kit. I immediately noticed the trigger pull was heavy near the end of trigger travel and it felt like there was zero overtravel for the trigger. What JB is describing is the spring measurement from the mounting pin to the end resting on the trigger is longer by a bunch and restricts the rear movement of the trigger just at the moment of hammer release. Trigger feels like it comes up against a trigger resest and requires more effort to trip the hammer. I put the oem spring back in with a little bend to ease the sension and now works fine. I purchased these spring about two weeks ago and clearly there is a problem Wolffe Gun Springs needs to address and issue a recall.
  10. Here's an update after several phone call to Ruger and finally speaking with the Vaquero tech, here what he told me. About 5 years ago Ruger changed the transfer bar on the RNV to the style WITHOUT the tab at the top and no explanation why. Thgis appears to be true after checking the 8 RNV's that I own and checking the date of manufacture. What started this thread was two RNV that I purchased from dofferent folks, one had the tab one didn't. These were made in 2021 so one was obviously changed by the previous owner. When comparing the two and measuring the firing pin protrusion beyond the recoil shield with the trigger pulled holding xfer bar up and pressing on the back of the hammer as it would be at the moment of hammer strike, I was stunned at what I saw. The xfer bar with the tab extended the firing pin visiably more thru the recoil sheild and in fact I measured the difference between the two xfer bars. Using a feeler gauge inserted between the rear of the cylinder and the firing pin with the hammer and xfer bar held in firing position. There was .013 more penetration with the tab style xfer bar. After firing 12 rounds thru each there was a noticable difference in primer penetration between the two using the same brand of brass and Federal primers. While the short strike primer hit did fire all 12 rounds, I have lost confidence in these new xfer bars, which by the way are the only ones available from Ruger. The ones with the tab have been discontinued.
  11. I'm convinced the hammer on top is for the old model Vaquero. How they wound up in two New Vaquero's purchased from two different individuals is a mystery.
  12. The New Vaquero parts diagram shows the TB with a tab at the top. With the addition of the toe added to the bottom of the pawl to retract the pawl for free spin when the hammer is down, the face of the hanner is help back slightly from bottoming out on the firing pin. In my reckoning I can see where the tab was added to the TB to insure a full strike on the firing pin. I'm thinking the tab was added on all models with the free spin pawl. Does this make sense?
  13. I own 8 Ruger NV and six of them have the transfer bar with the tab at the top of the bar which adds about .030 to the thickness of the bar where the hammer strikes. Two have the transfer bar pictured without the tab. All the hammers seem to be identical. I thought this was odd and I've not noticed this before. Both the guns in question came to me from previous owners but are 2021 manufacture dates. Has Ruger recently made this change?
  14. High Cotton, I have a like new Lyman Postell 457132AX with handles. This is a 535 Gr .459 dia single cavity mold. $95 plus shipping. I also have a Paul Jones profile made by Pioneer, 550 gr, .459 dia NIB $110. If you buy both I'll ship for free. I have other 45/70 molds as well.
  15. Since SKB 12ga have almost become extinct on Gunbroker and the price when one is available is off the charts, I would look at Longhunters CZ SHarptail tricked out and ready to go for way less than an SKB. As for the Rugers the story is about the same. Since Ruger stopped production the pipeline has dryed up. Good luck in your search.
  16. It would seem the BSS weighs quite a bit more than the SKB. My 200e 12ga with 20 in. barrels weighs 6.47 lbs. The heavier BSS may account for some of the comments about the BSS being "Clunky". I was considering a BSS as a backup sxs but they are hard to find and just as expensive as the SKB. I think I'll keep looking for an SKB. Thanks for all the comments on my post.
  17. Anyone have a BSS 12ga with cut 20inch barrels that can post the weight?
  18. Moderators please move this to the Wire. My mistake posting it in the classifieds.
  19. They BSS doesn't have ejectors but do have mechanical triggers and are about the same weight. I've owned several SKB's but have not had a BSS in my hands for examination. How about a comparison between the two SXS's.
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