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  1. Have an extra revolver that needs a new home, so the title of the thread tells nearly the whole story. I bought this new as a mate to my other Cattleman, then the other cattleman left and when it came back it was a Colt and had grown a longer barrel. So I’m trying to keep the trend going, I need to send this off to come back as a Colt later on. 

    Doubt if I put two boxes of shells through this, I don’t compete anymore, so it’s just easy range time. 

    $475 shipped to your FFL. I am not an FFL, so your FFL must be willing to receive from a private seller. 






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  2. Mark Twain once said “If a man loves cats, he is my friend and comrade without further introduction.”


    I am friend to all men who love cats and enemy to those who would harm them. Like or dislike, I have no trouble with. 
    Intentionally harm, that’s different. 

    Sorry for your loss. If I could shoot the skunk who did it I would cheerfully do so. 

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  3. Title says most of it, I'm looking for a Ruger Vaquero in 45 Colt. Not the New Model, the OM fits my big hands a little better. 

    Prefer Blued but Stainless is ok. 

    Barrel length not an issue., although I am fond of the 5.5" and 7.7" models. 


    PM Me if you have one that could go to a good home at a decent price. 

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  4. I have heard stories, legends mostly, of this sky-water. 
    The Old Ones claimed it fell from the heavens and soothed a parched Earth. 
    I do not think the myths are true. I will have to see it for my own self. 

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  5. We have five cats, and this type of equation fits into our thinking when we are looking at retirement, and how many cats we may have left in our lives. Our current group has only one cat that is seven years old. The rest are under four. I have no idea how old the two feral cats are that I feed in the evenings. I don’t want to ever be without a cat, but at some point the moral math will have to win. 

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