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  1. My buyer backed out, so I am still looking to sell my pair of nickel Schofield revolvers in .45 LC. They have 5" barrels, and currently sport synthetic bison horn grips. The are Stoeger/Uberti brand, and are in very good condition. I have shot them in approximately a dozen CAS matches here in Texas, so there is minor discoloration on the cylinders, but overall the nickel finish is excellent. The actions are pretty smooth, without action jobs. I shot them gunfighter, and they are natural pointing guns. I also have a pair of El Paso Saddlery "John Wesley Hardin " holsters for them that I will th
  2. here are the pics I have. I can send better ones if you are interested. Cim
  3. Doc, I have a pair of nickel 5" Stoeger/Uberti Schofields in .45 LC that Id sell. They have fake black buffalo horn grips and are in great condition. I'll throw in two El Paso Saddlrey holsters (John Wesley Hardin model). Every thing for $2200. I'll pay shipping. I'll send pictures if you are interested. Cimarron Jones
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