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    Either one works good on cleaning parts or more exceptionally shotgun barrels. Spray in the barrels let set for 5 to 10 seconds and run a brass brush thru and it will remove all plastic and burnt powder. All your Pro Shotgun shooters that's all they use and its much cheaper than the Gun cleaning products



  2. My son Capt Sam Evans and I shoot Colts. We use 5 1/2" Second Gen 38 Specials. I have a vault full of Colt SAA's that are my personal guns. I am using Colts that I did action jobs on in the late 90's for CAS and they are still running. I have not had to replace any parts or springs. I have Custom Springs made for all the work and action jobs I do on Colt SAA's. I keep a large supply of colt parts in inventory for customer guns. Also I keep at least 6 to10 2nd Gen Colts on hand for sale. The earlier post referencing a shortage of Colt parts, I have always sourced all the parts I need for over 25 years with no shortage at all in the market place



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