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  1. Dad, disregard my previous email. I don't want to cast any dispersions on anybody. Although new Wire members, they can have low SASS numbers is they don't sign up. The 3 digit member is a Lifetime SASS member. I am cautious when someone offers a "for sale" on their 1st or 2nd post. Sorry for jumping the gun and sending the previous email. I'll mind my own business. Hope you ...

  2. Maybe I'm cynical, but be sure who you are dealing with. The 2 posts above yours for the Marlin are new Wire members and both have pretty low SASS numbers. One is 3 digit. I won't say that this isn't legitimate, but please make sure of any purchases before you actually send money. Just trying to see that a pard don't get into something unusual.........


  3. Would you take $300 for the Holy Terror rig?

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