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  1. I have seen a few listed on gun broker, generally starting around $5000. Way too rich for my blood. I did contact Winchester recently and was told that the standard model 1866 will be in the January catalog, so perhaps we will see them this year. I am considering getting one myself.

    Hopefully priced the same as the 73

  2. I have 2 Miroku Winchesters 1873's, One is in 38/357 and One in 44-40 the 44-40 puts the brass behind me. The 38/357 all goes forward. And really hates 38's So losing most of the 357 Brass is a double Ouch. Best advice is sort head stamps and lose the oldest and crappyest brass in the rifle and save the good starline for the pistols. I have been told a good smith can make some adjustments to maybe help sent the brass back alittle maybe

    My 2 cents

    My miroku 45lc throws to the side all the ones I've heard throwing forward have been 38/357 s . Talk to a Smith they may be able to help

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