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  1. Slick is making things right, so I'm not concerned about that. . I replaced the original firing pin a while ago when I was working the action. I haven't tried the WWG trigger in this rifle but they work fine in my 1895 and 308ME. I was actually hoping the Phantom would work in my 1895's as the WWG trigger curve has an edge that brings blood after a magazine load or three. The PT has a much better profile and edge. To expand on my original question, can the out of battery firing damage the rifle or cause the bolt to move/eject aft out of the receiver? With the block not in place that would only leave the lever holding things in.
  2. I have a question on the Marlin Phantom Trigger from Slick Magic Guns. I installed the trigger in my 1894 Cowboy. The Phantom trigger installed fine; the break was nice and clean and the pull was just what I wanted; however, I noticed I could now pull the trigger when the lever was open. The trigger plunger was no longer making contact with the trigger at any time resulting in a situation where the rifle could fire when the bolt is not locked up and secure. Obviously, that doesn't work for me. Has anyone else experienced this? I read this trigger was SASS approved, but now I'm not so sure. See the video below: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IC1O...ature=youtu.be
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