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  1. $60,000?!? Totally worth it! Wish I could find a shop with that kind of pricing!!
  2. This thread reminded me of a conversation I had with a senior E-6 (ET) when I was in the Navy. He and the guys in the division were pressing their jumpers before we hit port in France, and I asked if he would have preferred the Zumwalt "generic" uniforms the Navy adopted in the 70's. That outfit was a single breasted jacket and combination cover, pretty much like the Army wore. He told me hell, no. He said some people thought the crackerjacks were old fashioned and goofy looking, but he said that by God at least he looked like a sailor, and he was proud to wear a uniform and let people know that he was also a sailor in the United States Navy! Never underestimate the power of tradition. It can build morale and instill pride. Unlike randomly adopting pansy French headgear for an entire branch of service so they look like some South American junta's "elite" army. Note: I am referring to the Army's black beret, not the ones the true elites earned (green berets, air police, etc.).
  3. These AR style shotguns need to be dialed in to the shells you run. They are quite picky about ammo, especially between heavy and light loads. This 250 round period is more to dial in the gas block settings than to mechanically break the gun in (like you do with a precision 1911).
  4. Supposedly, EAA was going to start importing another Turkish copy of the Hi-Power, by Girsan, starting this November. MSRP of like $590. But none have shown up yet that I can tell. It looks to be a more accurate (or slavish) copy of the original (for example, has the magazine safety, which SA eliminated in the SA-35), but with a worse finish. And Turkish quality (which can be either good or bad, depending on who you ask). In case you don't want to wait for a Springfield, it may be an option. I admit I wished I had paid attention when Tisas (another Turkish maker) had their Stainless Steel version of the Hi-Power available a few years ago. But alas, they are no longer importing that particular gun to the US or Canada anymore.
  5. I have concerns about the interpretation of the decline in President Biden's polling numbers regarding handling of guns. I firmly believe that the decrease in approval from liberals and Democrats is because he is now perceived as not doing much (or being able to do much) to enact stronger gun control measures. The Reload article tends to indicate to 2A supporters that the other side has come to their senses and have realized the current anti-gun agenda is bad, unpopular, and dying down. That kind of perception bias can be misleading. If he signs some executive order banning guns, I believe his approval ratings on this topic will rise again, as the progressives and even the moderate gun control faction will approve. I am pointing out what I think is driving those poll numbers out as a warning to 2A supporters: do not get complacent or relax in your vigilance. Disapproval because he is not doing enough is a more likely reason for this approval drop. Beware of what he might do to improve those polling numbers!!
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