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  1. I believe I am interested in the 1866 but just need a little more detail, e.g. gun length.

  2. Do you have any pics of the 1866? What is length of barrel? Please feel free to call (307)286-2363. Marshall Rommel

  3. Marshall, This rifle has had no springs installed but factory springs have been adjusted for Sass. It is 24 inch. This rifle belongs to a friend and his email is dps7611@hotmail.com he can answere any questions you have. Thanks

  4. Were any specific kits or springs put in it?

  5. What is barrel length, looks like octagon barrel? Is price negotiable? Looking to upgrade from a 92 but don't have a lot of $. Marshall Rommel

  6. Louisiana Lightning not slim referred me, brain fart.

  7. I am interested in the vaquero, my wife "Dodge City Dolly" already has one but we need the other. We are up north in Cheyenne and can be reached at (307)286-2363. Louisiana Slip has probably already e-mailed you about me. Please contact me at your earliest convenience. What type of grips does it have? We are fine with price and have an FFL here that we can use. Marshall Rommel

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