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  1. I just got my hearing aids a week ago...it is nice to hear everything again...my wife loves it because she does not have to repeat everything.. When I was a kid we could not afford hearing protection so we stuffed cotton in our ears. Later we got cheap plugs..later I was involved for 20+years of motorcycle racing...a bunch of rock concerts. But the biggest cause of hearing loss was heredity...it simply runs in my family..
  2. I had a Norton 750 Commando back in the day....it had the Lucas "electrics" there is a reason Lucas was the Prince of Darkness.. I too pushed it as much as I rode it...plus the added benefit of an upside down and backwards gearbox....yes the new ones are much better...you will be happy.
  3. Great shoot. I will be there without my son for the first time...he will be busy doing his Marine thing....
  4. your comment about montoya and dale made me laugh.

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