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  1. Even when you pick the combination there still is a way to still get into it in case the guest leaves the hotel and forgets items in the safe, so that they can retrieve items and ship them to your home address. I have thought of using my own lock box, but still not comfortable with leaving a firearm in the room. Right now I think my best option would be to secure firearm in a lock box and cable it to framework in the trunk of my car, park it in a somewhat secure area of Pensacola and have a Taxi or Uber to take me to the Air Museum and back.
  2. I will be staying in a hotel in Orange Beach, Al., and planed on going to the Air Museum. They do not allow firearms. I do not want to leave my CC pistol locked in the hotel safe as I have read they are not that safe. Plan on driving our personal car. So my question is where can I safely store my firearm off the military base?
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